MUni shoe contender--Merrell Continuum Jam

I recently picked up a set of Merrell Continuum Jam shoes, intending to use them for MUni.

I have been looking for an ideal MUni shoe for a while now, and haven’t found anything really acceptable. The characteristics I’m looking for in a shoe are:

  • Tread pattern sufficient to grab pedals, but moderate enough that you can easily adjust your foot
  • Tread composition appropriate for hiking (because you wind up hiking a lot in MUni)
  • Little or no arch to foot base
  • Toe protection (I just injured my toe on a rock, again)
  • Light weight
  • Removable insole (to be able to use Active Ankles)

Skate shoes have a decent foot base, but they hike poorly and have no toe protection. Most hiking shoes are too heavy and have too much tread to adjust your foot on the pedal. I’ve been using trail runners, but they often don’t have much toe protection, and have too much arch, which affects ability to position my foot properly.

I found these at REI. They’re “rock shoes,” intended for bouldering. They include stiff rubber toe protection–it’s not steel, but it’s a lot better than most similar shoes:

As you can see from the top picture, there’s a light tread which seems reasonable for hiking, but not so chunky that you can’t adjust your foot on the pedal. There is a bit of arch, but it’s fairly small:

I’ve taken them out on one ride so far, and they performed pretty well. The perfect shoe would have slightly less tread and no arch, but this is the closest I’ve found so far. Others who have similar criteria may want to look into them.

they look pretty good. I’d definitley recomend merrell shoes they seem to last me ages. ive had the pair i use for muni for years now. the tread on the bottom is starting to get a little ripped up now though. also have some ‘chameleon’ ones i think they’re called. the sole is a bit too curved for sitting nicely on pedals but great shoes all the same

I have a pair of merrell chameleons for almost 3 years and I am using them for my uni. Merrell makes good shoes specifically designed for one purpose, to survive. You won’t have to worry about them much as they can take the beating as well the vibram sole is pretty responsive to physical changes in movement.

ok the shoe that is what you are looking for is the steel capped Volley, no shit.

think about it, no arch.
good tread pattern.
very comfy.
removeable insole.
they are steel capped for toe protection.
soft tread good for walking.
and they are lightweight.

i am not sure if dunlop make the steel cap version but someone does as i tried some on in a shop a while back.

oh and they are cheap so it dont matter if they wear out quick.

Do you have a link? A google search didn’t find anything useful.

I forgot to mention: The Merrells are not cheap. I paid $90 at REI. That’s definitely more than I’d prefer to spend on a MUni shoe, because they get so trashed by the pedals anyway.