MUni riding at NUC

Aside from the official MUni race(s) at the upcoming National Unicycle
Convention in Monrovia, there will be group trail rides in the nearby San
Gabriel Mountains. Here is some information about both:

The NUC MUni Races will be on Tuesday July 21 at the Trask Boy Scout Camp, just
up the canyon from Monrovia Canyon Park. The location has been confirmed. We
will be racing approx. 3/4 mile on a course that goes uphill the first half, and
steeply downhill on the second half, ending lower than the start point. There
are no wheel size or crank length restrictions for MUni racing. Kneepads and
gloves are required, as is NUC registration. Helmets are recommended. I’m
wearing mine.

Time permitting, we will also do an uphill race, similar to what we’ve done at
the California MUni Weekend. Fastest time up a steep piece of trail (less than
100 meters) wins. This is the last bit of the main race course, but this time
you’ll be riding UP it. It should be lots of fun to either race or watch!

Brett (Bloodman) Bymaster will be at NUC on Saturday through Monday. He will
lead MUni rides during the day, for people who aren’t interested in the regular
NUC events. As the Freestyle Chief Judge, I have to stay and work…

Though Brett likes to ride up 5000 vertical feet and stuff like that, I think he
will also be leading some rides for us “mere mortals” as well.

On Friday July 17, before official events start, I’ll be organizing a ride down
Mt. Wilson. This will be a (prox.) 9 mile ride on fire road, descending 4400
feet. Due to it’s downhill nature and the fact that it’s fire road instead of
narrow singletrack, it should be an easy ride even on a plain old “street”
unicycle. All riders are invited, but make sure you bring kneepads, gloves,
helmet (recommended) and most importantly, water.

If you’re interested in doing any of the group MUni rides at NUC (aside from the
official races), I can add you to my CA MUni email list. Just let me know. This
list gets all the official information for the California Mountain Unicycle
Weekend, and any other group rides we may try to arrange from time to time. Like
a ride down the famous Repack trail sometime this summer…

Stay on top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“I intend to live forever! So far, so good.”