*Muni* - Ramapo Valley State Forest

I went on my first Muni ride today…

I must say, it’s pretty fun…and my legs are going to be killing me tomorrow.

Thanks to Jeff Prosa for organizing it.

The riders were Jeff, Mike, Greg, and I. (Sorry don’t know last names)

I’m trying to figure out how to upload it to the gallery but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Nice, there seemed to have been lots of great riding and that looked like an awesome trail. Hooked on muni now?

Nice video! The trail looks like a lot of fun with cool “trialsy” stuff to play on!:smiley:

Haha, maybe :roll_eyes:

Yea it was an awesome trail. Lots of downhills and lots of big rocks haha.

The riders were:

Jeff Prosa (njmuni)
Mike Menichini
Gregg Vivolo (unipsychler)
Jason Checkla (chexjc)

Thanks Jeff. Also…I meant to title this thread Ramapo MOUNTAIN State Forest. My bad :o

Nice job on the video. As always I enjoy riding with you guys. I like how riding with you guys motivates me to try things I normally wouldn’t. I just need to work on my hopping skills.

Sorry about spelling your name with only two G’s.

You’re were trying things no one else was even willing to haha. We even had to ask you not to try and roll that last rock at the end.

It was a pleasure riding with you guys…I felt as though I improved a lot on that one ride.

Nice vid:) A bit grainy though. It’d be nice to improve the resolution for your next one.

It looked like Greg was on a 26" Hunter and Jason on a 26" Pashley :thinking: and everybody else on 24’s.

That looks rele cool, I have never down any real muni and I would love to try it.

What uni were you riding?

Jeff and Mike were both riding KH24s with Gazz tires
Jason was riding a 26" Pashley
Gregg was riding a Hunter with 26x3 tire