Muni Racing!

Doug Call of the Four Corners Cup Mt Bike Series ( is welcoming muni riders in the Beginner Class for the final race in the series in Pagosa Springs, CO on Sunday Sept 22. Day of race registration is $30 and this is a USA Cycling event so count on an additional $5 for a one-day license for NORBA.
The course is described as “16 miles with little-climbing.” I haven’t ridden the course so it’s as much a mystery to me as anyone else. I’d love to have more munis than just me show up. It only takes one other person to make a race. The hope is to eventually get a unicycle class in the series for 2003 or 2004.
Additionally, a group of muni riders from Farmington, NM are planning to race the Road Apple Rally on October 5 (
These races are pretty low-key and a good opportunity to show the two-wheelers the speed, skill, and athletic ability of muni riders. If you have questions contact me by e-mail ( or call Kokpelli Bike and Board, 970-565-4408

Too bad the race is the same weekend as the Muni weekend. Too bad.