Muni races in Portland, OR

There’s a cyclecross race series in Portland, OR that has a class for unicycles:

not sure how long “one lap” is, though.

cool and its only $2.00 to race and one lap is all im probobly good for anyway. dont know if i will go since im not sure if i willl have a muni at the time.

anyone plan on doing this?

jagur, did you race?

I see in the schedule there are several more races over the next couple months. AND the District Championships and in BEND, OR; any of the Bend riders going to race?

no, DudleyDoRide went on vacation to Mexico so i had no ride there. knowing i wasnt going to be able to go i tore apart my uni to sell ao i dont even have a MUni at the moment.

maybe i’ll make the December one if i get a muni together in time.