MUni project Re:

  • I have begun the process of building my own MUni (Mountain Uni), planned
  • to have a 26" wheel, 36 spokes, 175mm crankarms.

Have you thought of having more than 36 spokes? freestyle bikes have 48 spoke
wheels for extra strength, and you are looking for strength I thought I would
mention it but I guess that is for a 20 inch wheel and not 26 inch… and
perhaps that won’t work

High flange hubs along with double butted 4 cross spokes is also strong. You may
consider this… this to is for 20 inch and not 26 inch.

  • Then there are the dodos who ask me questions like "Do you want a front
  • rim or a back rim?" They always ask what kind of bike it is for. When I tell
  • them it’s or a unicycle they say "No, no, no, bike rims won’t work on
  • unicycles, you need special unicycle rims and we don’t have any here."
  • pfft!

have fun riding over rocks


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