MUni POV from MTB helmet cam

My new riding buddy Dennis came with me to the trail, but brought his mtb, since he’s still learning to uni, but he is learning fast! Anyway, we wanted to see how POV would turn out if we mounted my cam to his helmet, instead of the frame-like last time. It’s Way smoother.

To keep things as light as possible on his helmet, I used my tiny still cam in video mode, so no fisheye just regular but full view of uni and trail, and from both directions. I’d like to try this method next time on really technical terrain.

It’s POV all the way through, so sorry if it is a bit monotonous, lol. Just putting it out there for those who might want to have a look.:slight_smile:

Looks good Terry. Would love to see the same camera work on some technical terrain :slight_smile:

yea looks good, would definatly like to see it on some technical trails.

How did you mount the camera to the helmet? Did you make the fitting yourself or did you buy it? I have always wanted to do a headcam when out windsuring and sailing.

The mini tripod has a velcro attachment so I just fed it through the helmet holes and it was secure. There are also adjustments to angle the camera in a myriad of ways.:slight_smile:


Ha… I forgot you played with dummies

Luv tha Picture

Yeah. I made a decent living out of it too! :sunglasses:

Cool video. I would love to start mountainbiking to bad theirs no mountains in florida.:frowning:

Mountain biking? No! That’s de-evolution! :stuck_out_tongue: