muni on a 36er

just wondering how steep /extreme muni can you do on your 36 er

Thanks for reminding me! I need to make a new one. :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple old vids with coker MUni.
The first one was muted by youtube. The girl jogging by said, “you’re fun to watch!” My reply was, “So are you!”

With a brake, unless the tire loses traction with the ground, the (downhill) steepness is not as much a limiting factor as how technical a trail is. Given your ability and daring, if the trail is too technical to consistently flow through it, then you would probably have more fun on a smaller wheel.

seen your video on youtube b4

impressive stuff , but can u go down steep long downhill sections and if you can do u use a brake on the 36er ?

Well, I normally only use back pressure as the brake on mine-not hydraulic-rubs very unevenly on the rim due to flex and the difficulty in keeping the big wheel accurately true. Some people try to solve this by widening the shoe adjustment so they are farther away from the rim, but I tried this and it didn’t supply nearly enough stopping power.

The next time I go out and shoot coker MUni footage, I will focus on the steepest DH, and also technical stuff but again, I will have to rely only on back pressure. (Actually, I’m out the door in 5 minutes to ride a 10 mile MUni, but on my 24) Longer cranks for coker MUni help a lot, plus they are good for more technical moves like hopping, gapping, drops and stuff like that. I can still move at a decent clip off road even with cranks as long as 170.

longer cranks

i was trying to go my usual 24 route on my 36er but i have only got 150 s ,got a brake i will try on 36er magura hs33 just got to fit it

For the last month or two I’ve been riding my 36er off-road with 165 cranks. These big cranks make a huge difference, and I am quite surprised at the obstacles I can clear (logs, etc…) with this big wheel. As expected, the large wheel also rolls over roots/rocks easier than a small wheel.

Very steep hills are a killer on the 36er. A brake will help on the downhills, but I can certainly make it up steaper stuff on my 24 and 29 than my 24 (e.g. see this experiment). Longer cranks will help, but only so much.

The local trails that started out challenging on a 24, but are now relatively tame after 3 years, are now super fun again on the 36er. Off for another ride now!