MUni North East UK

10th May near Scarborough on the North East coast UK

There is a sponsored Mountain Bike ride going on in aid of the British Heart

The Ride is 18 miles long and Unicyclists are welcome to take part if they can
already handle that distance off road.So far there are 3 Muniers doing it.

           Any one else wanting to take part should email me
          and I'll get info for you from the local bike shop.

Last weekend Paul & I went for a long ride on the moors, 17 miles, and got
soaking wet when the heavens opened when we were still 8 miles from the car. The
next 8 miles were ridden in the rain between sheltering in the forest during
very heavy bits and hail showers.Riding in all this weather soon turned my
padded cycle shorts into a sponge, not comfy. I can not recommend filling a
sadle with water,wet padding is not fun. I presume that a wet unicyclist on
exposed moorland would be a good target for lighting? Has it ever happened? and
what would moutain rescue say if I had to be helped off the hill? Enough of this