Muni Mt Snow in aug

I will be going on vacation with my extended family to Vermont in late August. The place just so happens to be right under Mt Snow, which just so happens to be the only place to in the Northeast US to offer downhill mtbing. It sounds like it could be very very very very cool. It is the one and only thing that pushed me to get a Muni rather then a Trials uni, and to get it NOW. But then I went to the web site:

It looked…I was dissapointed. There are however other sites wich offer photo gallerys at mt snow depicting very cool trials and DH racing courses. But they all seemed to be at orgainized events. What I’m looking for is really hard technical stuff. Stuff that, I would never be able to ride down smoothly, and hopefuly not in the first try. Has anybody every been there? Is it really cool?