Muni Militia Uk

I am going 2 make some muni militia t’s for the uk who want’s one i am not sure about prices but i am looking for under £10+ postage

One for me thinuniking! Are you using the regular black and white “One Wheel Death Squad” design? I reckon you should out the individual screen names on the back if that’s not too much hassle, that’d be awesome!!

i’l put my tent on sleeping bag second in the cue.


thanks Ben,


yeah sure i will look in 2 that but i think i will get these ones done by a pro shop as i will mess them up or as the guy who made them originally " i think i managed 2 f%$k up every one in a different way" so i need 2 go do the locally shop to see how much it’s gonna cost? plus i will need what u want on the bak? o and ows how is the qu-ax frame?how much does it way ect?

Ben, just do them yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:


Do them yourself it makes for a much cooler original looking shirt.

It does take some time but let me tell you it is well worth it. When I said that I messed each one up a different way it was because I was using a window screen and I didnt know how to set up the screen right. That said some came out a bit crooked blotchy smeared but I feel that is what made the shirts original and made them look good.
Militias are not about having outsourced percision materials its all about doing with what you have and making the best from it. After all these things arent going to be hanging on a wall for prosperity they are going to be worn hard by the riders who buy them.

In the end though its your choice.

i could do the screen names my self what names do you want i mean do you want anything different to your screen name??!!?!

ok i did not see checks post b4 i replied ok i will do them my self if they mess up it ur fault!lol gettho style forever!!!

If you have any questions on how to ghetto print shirts let me know

i want one too!!!


It has to be the ghetto look! When do you expect them to be ready and how will you accept payment? I’d be happy with OWS or whatever on mine, don’t think One Wheeled Stallion would fit, my shoulders ain’t that wide! … unless you incorporate shoulder pads!

Ben, how are they coming on?

When are you making them?



The International Unicycle Federation is the IUF It not possible to join as an individual member. You can join national associations such as the USA ( Unicycle Soc of America) AUS ( Autralian Uni Soc) UUU( union of UK unicyclists) or FUN ( filipipino unicycle network). These national assocs are recognised by the IUF. The IUF keep an eye on the rules for international competitions and things like that. The IUF directors are mostly drawn from the established national groups.

Do a google type serch for the unicycle national group in your country and take a look at the web site. Different groups offer different member benifits. Remeber if you do join a national group, its only as good as the members who belong to it make it.

Muni Milita is a uni gang, as is Hell on Wheel (IIRC) and one or two others, way more informal than any thing IUF related.


yeah ben i want one , ghetto stylee tho, ‘tom e’ would do on the back , i really want some sorta name like ows or a nick name but ive never had one it sucks. oh well

ok sorry it’s taking sooo long but i have my G.C.S.E’s @ the mo so it’s kinda taken a back seat so i finish school in a week and in my breaks from revision i will b making them!

is there a pic of the design online anywhere??
I would probably be interested, especially if they’re not too expensive

T shirts

dammit get me one of those t shirts!!!

one wheel death squad with “bungle” in the same lettering on the back of a black t shirt!!! dammit that’d be kool!!!

let me know about paying? send me a pm

what about stickers?

Hey Ben, do you have a final design for the shirts yet? Will they be polo necked? Cuz I don’t think the name thing will look good on regualar Ts. If you have an idea of the price, let us know ASAP and also how you’d like us to pay!


they r not gonna b totally the same but something like this