Muni Militia T-shirts possibly in the works.

After the recent requests for Muni Militia T-shirts, I have decided to print up a batch. I talked to Mike (chex) and Mojoe about this on the 19th and got the OK.

For the first batch of T’s I’m going to keep things simple.
The design will be like the T’s Mike made. White text on a black shirt, the text will read Muni Militia One Wheel Death Squad. I hope to have a graphic of it on here soon. I have access to good screen printing equipment so the quality will be good.

I’m making these with no profit for me.

I’m still working out the details for payment. I think I will try and allow credit cards as a payment meathod. perhaps I could sell them on E-bay with the Buy Now option so people could use pay pal. I probably will not print and send the T-shirts untill I receive payment. I have learned from Mike’s experience.

The T-shirts will be very inexpensive. Shipping is another story. I still have to find the best (cheapest) method for sending them.

I really want to get an idea of how many people are interested in the T-shirts before I commit time and materials to this project. So, let me know If you are interested by pm-ing or e-mail me at

If you have any questions just ask me. I’m still open to suggestions.

Stay tuned…

You can use Paypal without selling them on Ebay. Or you can set up a Paypal shopping cart on your web site.


That’s great! I can’t wait to get mine. I think it will be my first uni t.

The ebay idea is a good, but you could always sell it on your own and use paypal.

As for shipping, I think the best way is to use USPS first-class or priority and use the boxes/envelopes they provide.


I am also making some for the uk and anone else who want’s them but it souds like you have the us market sorted.I have a few idea’s for design’s i think i am going to do the same as you for the first batch.

If you guys want to print up the old design for a re run that sounds great, just to let people know though I’m currently working on a different design that I feel is better suited for screen printing than the original ghetto ones.

It will probably take me about a week or two to get the design good enough before I show it arround to everyone and see how they feel about it.


Old Image

Printed image

Since Thinuniking will be making Muni Militia T-shirts in the UK, Any one in Europe should consider ordering them from him since shipping will be much less. Though I don’t know If he is making them for profit, if he is that will cost you more. Contact him for more info. I will be able to provide T-shirts to any one in the USA for the lowest cost. I still have not been able to get some shipping info yet. I plan to find out how much it will cost me (In the USA) to send them to Europe, New Zealand and Australia. With this info those of you abroad can find the best deal for yourself.

I plan to receive payment before I print and send them. Some time toward the end of this month I will present the exact details of everything. I will provide shipping prices and T-shirt prices after I do some research this week. I will also present the payment methods. I’m not very technologically keen so I’m not sure If I will be able to set up a credit card method, but I’ll try. I will also set a date when I will need your payment by.

I will try to attach a picture of the design but if it doesn’t work you can see it by clicking on the Old Image link Checkernuts posted.


muni militia.bmp (81.4 KB)

Sorry Guys, I have been so busy with school, that I have not had the time to gather all of the info. I hope to Post it soon when I get a break :slight_smile: .

I am in for both mmm…uni and checkernuts shirts when you get them ready or start taking orders.

I would like the old school one since it has some historical signififcance, and the new style will I am sure be quite creative.

As for shipping postal is the cheapest. I ship a lot of stuff. You can even get free(yes free) shipping boxes from the post office for Priority Mail. As long as it is under 2 lbs, you can ship anywhere in the US for under $4 with insurance. Noone else can compete.

Hell yea, I’ll take one of each !!:smiley:

The old school ones will took alot different unless we dirty up that design with some screen window action before it goes to print on a " Real, Non Ghetto Press"

As far as a New logo I’m still playing arround with stuff High standards for such a cool shirt you know.


Yeah, I know…

I know, this is early ten years old, but someone just gave one of these away. Anyone happen to know how one could get this artwork in a decent res?

Don’t know, but here’s one way:

On my Windows 7 pc, the font looks like Stencil.

You can download Paint.NET for free.

Create a new image with the resolution you’d like
Fill the background layer black.
Create a new layer.
Add the text (font “Stencil”), adjusting font, size and color.
Shift the text around to your liking.
Save it off.