MUni Militia T-shirt ordering info!

Gabe, excellent job on the shirts. I just got mine and they look great!!! Thanks for taking the time and effort to produce them :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ditto Gabe, got mine today all the way down South!!! Time to strike fear into the hearts of these country folk :wink:

Thanks for the promptness. I too rec’d my shirt(s). Had to have a few spares for the future. Never know when they will be offered for sale in the future.:smiley:

I’m glad you all like them. I have some extra shirts that I printed up just in case there are people out there who want one. I imagine I will make another batch of em’ in the future. I will also be working on other unicycling related shirts. Stay tuned…:slight_smile:

-Gabe Herz

i was hoping you would say that.

can i still get 3 for 21.75? (size large)

would you then have 3 or maybe 4 more for me and my friends he in PA?

or at least one for just me:D