MUni Militia T-shirt ordering info!

Here is the Information on how to get your very own MUni Militia T-shirt. This info is for costomers in the U.S. only.

Just a reminder…
The T’s will be black with the white Muni Militia logo (click on the link to see it).
The prints will be high quality. The sizes available are the following: Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. I will not start printing untill after April 12th when I have every payment.

Includes shipping to anywhere in the U.S.
One T-shirt costs $8.85
Two costs $15.75
Three costs $20.75
If you want more than Three E-mail me.

Please send me Checks, Money Orders or, Cash (if you are willing to send it). Sorry, I can’t accept credit card payment yet. With the payment please send me your address where I can send you the shirt, number of shirts and sizes and your Name and E-mail address. In addition, please E-Mail me Your order info: sizes, number of T’s, address.
The deadline for the received payment is April 12th 2004. An order after that will not be acted upon.
My address:
Gabe Herz
1558 1st Street
Minden, NV 89423

Around the middle of April I will give you an up date on the T-shirts.

Thank you for your patience
-Gabe Herz

No paypal? If you don’t set up an account, I will get my check out.

No, not for this screen printing project. Sorry

awesome!! a check will be in the mail dude!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Gabe!!!
The check’s in the mail :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

am I the only one that thinks that design needs some grunge to it? I know its the one I started with originally but with an actuall screen press some mud blood and spit will be needed in the process to pull off a true militia shirt.

I’ll shut up now.

I was looking for the address. Figured I’d bump it for anyone else who may be interested.


Check your PMs.



I pm’d you and the check is going in the mail today.

cheers… Mojoe

What’s this “the prints will be high quality” ?
The whole awesome-ness of these shirts (the ones Chex made) was that they looked messed up, and each one was unique. These shirts will be shameful.

I vote for the old ghetto style silk screening. My shirt (i happen to be wearing it now) has many many holes, and the Muni militia looks a bit crooked, but that’s what makes me want to weat it.

hmmm. That’s it.


I’d rather have a nice looing shirt myself. The ghetto ones are OK, but mine’s hard to read.

I vote for high quality.


dangit, I was out of town last week and forgot about this…too late to send you some money mmm…Uni??

Re: MUni Militia T-shirt ordering info!

Boy did I sound like a hard-ass :). Well, I turns out that I cannot place my T-shirt order until Monday, April 19th. So, I am extending the deadline for the Payment to the 19th. Once I have the shirts I will begin printing, and sending them to you.
I apologize if this is an inconvenience, but this gives anyone another opportunity to order. I thank all of the people who have already placed their orders. I will check my PMs more often.


What’s the word mmm…Uni??? How’s the T’s a comin’?

He probably just got your check Zod.:smiley: A little impatient? Now I on the other hand sent mine in on 3-22.

What’s the word mmm…Uni???

The word…I have ordered the T-shirts, and as soon as I get them I will begin printing:). I will send them ASAP. If the shirts are here by the 28th, I can print send them before the weekend. Hold on to your one wheeled stallions…

-Gabe Herz

Good to hear Gabe, good to hear…I look forward to receiving it

The Shirts are in the mail, and should arrive early next week. Wear them proudly.
-Gabe Herz

Sweet, can’t wait to get it. Thanks for going to the effort.


My shirts arrived today! Thanks… they look great!!