Muni Militia Shirt Came!!!!

My Muni militia shirt came today! The envelope was in perfect condition. So was the shirt and patch. Chex TY very much. You really needn’t send it First class.I love the patch. It may be a little ghetto but i lpve te patches look anyways. The shirt came out great too. The Squad may be a little smuged but it was worth every penny. The shirt was a little big but ill just wash it inside out and put it in the dryer by itself for 5-10 mins to shrink it a little extra. Thanx alot Mike i will wear it with pride. you may even see it in the Moab vid.


Hey. Mine came too. John Childs’ was accidentally packed in with mine but I’ll be sure he gets it. They’re cool looking, Mike. The envelope was sealed so tightly I could barely get it open. No loss in the mail here.

Thanks for going to the trouble of buying the shirts, making the screen, making all the shirts, taking the orders, sending the e-mails, keeping everyone current, and shipping them all out. It’s a pain to do and it was nice of you to do this project.

There will be photos forthcoming. That’s a threat … or a warning … or a promise, take it any way you want. I haven’t decided what I need to complete the ensemble yet. But I’m feeling very pretty right about now. I think I’ll wear John’s shirt for the photo. It will be alot tighter.

Ahh… mine is d e v i n e- just the right touch of ghetto-punk I’ve been looking for to justify getting those fish-net stockings I’ve had my eye on for so long now.

Thanx, Mr. Nutz.

Got mine sitting next to me as I type this. Maybe I’ll take a jagur style picture of me wearing it.

the ensemble is complete

Hope you have a strong stomach. Guess which shirt is John’s.


got mine too

I got mine today too. Thanks alot i know u put in alot of work for them i hope it was worth it for you.

Re: the ensemble is complete

Hmm… I wasn’t aware that I was getting a shirt. :smiley:
Thanks Greg!

I think I’m going to have to wash it before I wear it.

im sending my shirt back.everyones shirt has thick bold letters,mine looks like this

                      [b] MUNi Mil:i`a 
                  ()nE WhE{l D}AT -l SQ.AD[/b]

That just gives it more of the ghetto silk screen look.

What ghetto screening method did you settle on? Did you like the results?


I love my shirts!! Chex puts the ghetto in ghetto silk screening. By the size of the printed dots on on mine, I’d say Chex used the screen off his door for the screening. All day, people would stop and ask, “what does your shirt mean?”. I just tell them that it’s a unicycle gang.



Re: the ensemble is complete

John, strange coincidence. Lily just loves her OSU Beaver nightshirt!

osu011703 002b.jpg

Re: Re: the ensemble is complete

Hehe, Orange and Black looks good on her.

Re: Re: the ensemble is complete

Oh, so it was Harper that was wearing yours?



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