Muni in the swiss alps: mach22

we spent one week in alps:


Super !

Absolutely unbelievable. I can’t believe how comfortable these guys look on incredibly technical and exposed terrain. I lost count of how many times I said “Oh my God!” and “Holy shit!” just watching the first 3 days. I can’t decide which is more bad-ass - the riding or the scenery. Incredible. Thanks so much for posting this.


Nice ride ! Many thanks for sharing !
The part with all the bridges looked especially original.

At the beginning of day 6, was the tape used to splint a bruised finger or just because the hand was so sore you could not hold on the bar?

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It’s looks like a good Muni ride and a lot of fun.

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Yes Christian had a real bad UPD at day five on the rocky section, would ended real bad without helmet and protect gear. He injured his left hand and fingers, that’s why he taped it professionally with ductape. When you look close you will see, that he changed his breaking hand (until day five he used his left hand, then he had to change to the right), we also choosed easy trails for the last two days

Thanks! The landscape wins for sure, the riding wasn’t real hardcore, because we wanted to stay safe, we didn’t take any risks, because of the long ride and also not that easy to go to hospital quickly

Amazing video and some of the ridges would of been bye bye unicycle after a UPD.


I think this might just be my new favorite unicycling video, just awesome!
You are a real inspiration to me, you make the crazy terrain look so easy (and wearing a big backpack while doing it all too, too!).
I always think of your pictures and videos when struggling and/or feeling frustrated when trying to learn/improve, and it always motivates me.
(If that Markus guy can ride down a steep rocky mountain trail so effortlessly, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to ride on this flat bumpy gravel road!!!)
Also, the scenery there too, equally amazing!


thanks for this beautiful feedback!
and of course: it looks only on the video easy and effortless, maybe I have to make a video with all my fails :rofl:
we really live in an awsome area with the alps.
and it also was a long way and I still practice alot: i ride muni at least once a week


That’s a great idea.

진짜 함 가보고 싶은곳 입니다 멋져요 스위스

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