Muni in Texas Hill Country in June

My big trip starts in a few weeks, and I will be in New Braunfels for a month from May 22-June 23rd.

I am still working out which Muni I will bring with me: probably my 36 Oracle frame outfitted with a 29+ Surly Knard (and 137/165 and 127/150 dual Spirits).

I also have a 19" trials and a 24" inch Muni, but as I’m flying I don’t really have room for multiple unicycles…

I will definitely be riding Canyon Lake out west of New Braunfels a few times, as it’s only a short drive (I know that well from the last few years on the mountain bike and I think it should be mostly ridable on the 29+). I will then probably try to do some trails north/northwest of San Antonio (forgot the names, but e.g. the one in the housing development out toward Boerne), plus maybe some up around Austin (e.g. City Park aka Emma Long State Park or Bull Creek or Zilker Park). City Park would probably be a big challenge and a lot of fun!

Any riders from the area who would like to meet up? and/or recommend/show me some great Muni trails?

As for skills: I’m a long-time freeride mountain biker and am in very good shape. I’ve been riding Muni on and off for a few years, and regularly do 36 XC and steep alpine trails on my 24" (S2 technical difficulty if anyone knows the MTB scale, from S0 to S5). I’ve been doing a 10 mile x 2 commute 2-3 days/week for the last year with the 36, so I’m decent on the road, but I prefer Muni. I’ve gotten pretty decent at 36er Muni in the last few months. My trials skills are minimal (can idle but can’t ride backwards, hop but nothing big).

Any Muni riders out there? For speed matching, the best would be 29/36 (or geared), but anything would probably work. Would be cool to meet up and ride!

I know a group that riders in Austin I will also definitely be down to ride as well as a friend of mine from Dallas. There is some knarly trails in that part of Texas. If you shoot me a pm I will give you my number to contact me when your state side. :smiley:

I can check some ticket prices for flights. I’d like to move down to Austin sometime over the summer… waiting to hear back about a job there, but if it works out I have an excuse to come down and “browse housing options” : )

In Austin, the Barton Creek Greenbelt trail is definitely rideable in most sections with a 29" and 125s or 150s. I sometimes ride it on my 24" when the weather is very hot, since the technical sections are short, and you can ride in the shade. There may be some knee-to-thigh deep water crossings, and probably a lot of people on the trail since the creek currently has water in it. The trail is not well marked, but there are good maps online.

City Park is more of a 24" trail with more ledges and drops, but if you’re hard core on the 29" it might be doable. City Park might be exhausting in the heat. The Barton Creek Greenbelt also has some 24" sections that are away from the main trail. Bull Creek trail is pretty tame.

San Marcos, TX, which is nearby, has several unicycle football teams. Games are every Sunday. You’d want a smaller wheel for that, though.

Maybe the weekend of June 6-7

I have a business trip planned for June 7-10, but might drive in early from Dallas if something were planned the weekend of June 6 and 7. I’ve wanted to try Government Canyon.

Thanks. That’s right about in line with what I was thinking, as I know the trails from the past only on the mountain bike. I remember the water crossings from way back when: where I was in Oregon and now in Germany it’s not so pleasant as the water is always so cold… but I don’t think there’s much chance of freezing in Texas in June:D

hmm… never heard of Government Canyon. Is that near Austin?

As for dates, I will have to work around all the family planning, although that weekend looks doable. I’m in Austin on social stuff on May 30th, and might be available on Saturday for a ride, but unsure. The weekend of June 13/14 I will be in New Braunfels and have a fair amount planned already.

We can keep in touch via the forum and I’ll let you know if a ride is planned, as it would be great to get the chance to ride with a few people.

It’s near San Antonio. Check out:

It has descriptions of a lot of trails in Central Austin. It also has a review of the Isar Trails in Munich. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. About a third of those trails are new to me, so really helpful.

It looks like I’ll be on a KH 26 with a Duro tire instead of a 29, so I should be good for almost all of the Texas trails… I think City Park should be a big challenge but doable, although I’ll be more around New Braunfels and northwest San Antonio, e.g. Madrone Trail at Canyon Lake. Government Camnyon is close enough so I should be able to try it. Tapatio Springs - Boerne was the one I was thinking of… I’ve ridden Bandera on the mountain bike but the uphills are probably pretty hard on a muni.

That’s so funny that the Munich Isar Trails are listed: that’s where I ride once or twice a week and the main trailhad is about a mile from where I live (not by chance of course :wink: ). Not so technical but really a blast on the 36er!

I’m down for flying in, and have one more that can join me from Austin. I’ll reach out to the juggling club there to find more people.

If June 6/7 sounds good for everybody, that would line up nice for me too.

I’ll be in Austin from the 4th-7th riding just about every day with one of the other people from the juggling club. PM me if you want to meet up!

Hope to see some of you guys there!

Great to see all the responses!

I’ve arrived in Texas. However, the muni I was going to rent/borrow did not pan out (and I didn’t bring my frame and parts, as I thought it was going to work), so I presently do not have a unicycle (I only have pedals). I’m looking for a muni and trying to work something out.

If anyone knows of a 26/29" muni to buy, rent or borrow, please let me know. Assuming I find a unicycle, then I should be able to make 1 or days between June 4-7.

If you’re truly desperate, has quick shipping. The forums here may have something. The other thing would be to contact the Texas Juggling Society. They have a club meeting tomorrow and could ask around for you and see if anybody has one that is in working order that they’re willing to let you borrow.

heck if I could figure a way to do it, I have a 24 (that I’ll be riding) and a 29 I could bring, but I don’t know how I would get it on the flight. I can see if the wheels will fit in the box I have.

I can help you out with a unicycle you can borrow. I have a pretty new KH29 with a brake, and an older black KH24, or you can use my blue KH24 if I don’t ride with you. I also have a 36 Coker you can use or my KH20. I mostly ride muni and know just about every trail in the Austin area. Shoot me a pm or email me at and I can hook you up.Now is the perfect time to ride in Texas since it hasn’t gotten hot yet.


So just talked to Ralph and we’re meeting up with on Saturday to borrow a muni! thanks!

But he’s working so we’re probably not riding until the following weekend. But then we’d like to get a group together (June 6/7th).

I might be able to get away for a ride this Saturday evening in Austin (Emma Long/City Park or maybe Greenbelt) but not sure (family stuff) and won’t know until short notice.

I expect that parts of the Greenbelt Trails in Austin are underwater too? but then you can probably skip around them and still ride, but I’m not sure, as I don’t actually know how much rain Austin got and what the flooding is like.

Otherwise, it looks like the Madrone Trail at Canyon Lake is closed due to high water :-(, so my closest trail won’t work.

Next week during the week I should be able to get out not so far from New Braunfels for a ride if anyone has time. Not sure where, maybe San Marcos.

Austin got hammered by the rain, and the forecast calls for more heavy rain on Saturday. About the only Muni trail that might be rideable now is City Park. It’s supposed to clear up on Monday.

Local weather forecast:

Just gonna have to play it by ear. : P My plane ticket was booked a week or two ago. I’m generally part of the road uni crowd down there, but I’m already borrowing the one wheel I know about that’s an extra 36. May be doing mostly road if the water is too high.

City Park Monday morning 9am

If everything works out, I’m hoping to ride City Park on Monday morning, something around 9am. I know most people will be working, but in case anyone has time…