Muni in Seattle/ Victoria Area

I am heading to Seattle, Victoria and Woodbey Island for 10 days and am packing the Muni in a suitcase! Anyone know some good trails up there? May be passing throught the Olympic Rain Forest too. Thanks!

When? We can hook you up with the Seattle Area Riders mailing list. I don’t think Jeff Groves is in Victoria for the summer but there are a few riders on Vancouver Island. I don’t know of any riders on Whidbey Island.

You may want to check out MTBR Trail Reviews for ride ideas.

Let us know when you’re in the Seattle area if you can do a weekend or after work evening ride.

I’m in Seattle Saturday July 19 thru Wednesday, then onto Victoria thru Sunday the 23rd. Would love to hook up for a ride!

Hello, my name is bryan corry i run the victoria unicycle club. there are a number of good riders up here that love to do muni. so if you want we can meet up for a ride. there are TONS of good trials all over greater victoria and vancouver island. there is even a world class mountain bike park just 25 min out of victoria. there is even crazy good riding in victoria at some local parks. in anycase send me an e mail at and we can arange a ride or two. addtionally there is great street and trials if you want to bring your 20".


What are the real dates? Maybe you just have the Wednesday and Saturday reversed and the month is really July. It appears as if you were looking at August and July at the same time.

I’d like to be on the Seattle Area Riders mailing list. I moved to Sequim, WA in April. I hesitate to put my email address on this web page, but you can find it here:

And JC is in Port Townsend. Is this a Peninsular Migration? No fair living in a rain shadow.

We moved here (from Vermont) for the rain shadow. But at the moment the sky is overcast. The “blue hole” is lurking to the north, out over the water I think.

As far as I know I’m the only unicyclist in Sequim. Doing my part to raise unicycle awareness.

In Seattle now!

It’s Sunday morning July 16th and I am in Seattle. I’ll be here until Wednesday the 19th. I am hoping to get together with some of the locals for a ride tonight, but don’t know if it will happen. Tuesday all day looks good for me too if anyone is available. On to Victoria through the 23rd after that.