Muni in Ojai day after Thanksgiving

We def have to do the upper sections of pratt, My madrea can shutte 4 of us up there. maybe 5 if you wana squeeze. I vote we do both upper and lower pratt, and foothill. Total sadly is about 2 miles. But its fun.

I will be in Ojai Friday and am stoked to ride. I have a big truck so can shuttle. Pratt sounds great!

Hrm, So who IS going?

Ok I guess I’m back in! HEy Evan, should we all meet at your house? Did you say that the longer shuttle point is about a 30 min drive from your house? So meeting time is set for about noon, give or take 30 min since I’ve got about a 100 drive!

I’ll be staying at the junction of the 33 and 150 highways and will need directions whereever we meet.

Well my freind who has biked the whole 8mile stretch says its quite boring on a uni, dont even bother. Its all smooth singletrack, which ironicly is my fav because i hate tech. Does anyone want to come early and do urban?

All singletrack??? Isn’t this the same pratt trail we did last time, only starting higher up? Because there was plenty of technical sections as I recall. I’m perfectly fine with the shuttle we did last time; it was still a good long ride at 2+hours…at least. Let me/us know asap what you want to do. And what do you mean by “urban?” Is that like street/trialsy stuff? If so, I don’t think Jim does that, and I’m not sure about John, but I ride mostly MUni, but also enjoy street obstacles and stuff.

Just make up your minds on this. The original call was for a muni ride the day after Thanksgiving. Why not just meet at the bottom of the trail at the dirt parking lot, hike up past the sawdust/wood chip part, past the pipe, up the paved road to the big tree and drop into the tech stuff. You can session on that trail all the way down and spend one or three hours playing on intermediate Muni terrain and grab a good workout. And you can dink around doing urban stuff on the pavement/boulders, next to the pipe, after the first tech part. Just pick a time and a place to meet and lets ride.



Friday, 10:00 am at the trailhead. Anyone need directions call me 805-276-3275.

Bummer. Won’t work for me. Jim had said he wouldn’t mind waiting 'till a noon start so I could make the 120 mile drive. If you guys will agree to a noon meeting time, then I’m in.

And John, Why do that hike up to the drop in point (helluva long, steep non-rideable hike up) when we can so easily shuttle it? This way we can also get right into the riding! Just a thought.

Well john said the earlier the better, and i knew you dont like riding in the heat of the day.

I’m fine going at noon or even one. I just suggested meeting at the bottom to gt a plan out there. I’ve never shuttled this so I don’t know where to go. The hike up to the start of the tech stuff only takes about 30 minutes but whatever you guys want. I’ll shuttle, no prob. Evan, how about we start at 1 (give Terry and others time to get there), just give us a place to meet.


I’m really screwed for Firday’s ride becuase I have three piano tuning commitments from 9 to at least 2pm, so there’s no way I can make it. I’m bummed 'cause I really wanted to ride with you guys!

I must really be losing my grey matter because these tunings have been booked now for more than 2 weeks, but I didn’t realize the conflict 'till just tonight when I checked the rest of my weeks schedule! What a dope I am! My apologies to Jim, Evan and John. Have a great ride and sorry for the mix-up!:frowning:

Ok, that sounds good, 1:00 at the trailhead it is.

Again, if people need directions call me 805-276-3275.

Simple directions: Start heading east on ojai ave, Left on signal, and follow that up till you see a fat water tanks and a national forrest sign with “Foothill/ Pratt trail” (or something to that effect) and turn left there, should be about a 300ft fireroad to the trail head.

Also the base of the trail is at a big ass basin that has huge rocks, and there is also a dry river. So bring those trials unis if you got em’.

Whats the finnal head count?

I’m in, 1:00

After all that posting only 3 people showed up: Jim, Evan and me. But we had fun. Evan lives about twenty paces from the trail and if he ever buckled down he’d be sensational. Even riding on a slick tire with 150 cranks he cleaned some impressive lines, and Jim, with his vast DH bike experience, is going to The Truth in no time. My ankle is still wasted so I was mostly faking it and watching Evan and Jim bust moves but it’s all good. A day with friends on the trail is always a great day.