Muni in Ojai day after Thanksgiving

I’ll be visiting my mom in Ojai for Thanksgiving and want to do a ride there Friday am. Any takers? John “Vivalargo” said earlier he might be interested as did Terry “Muniaddict”.

Evan lives up there. He might be up for a ride.

I’m too far away for a ride. bummer:(

I’m up for it for sure, but unfortunately not in the am. The drive for me is pretty far, and I’ll be up a bit late thanksgiving night, so the earliest I can get there would be around noon or 1pm, which forme is idea also because I’m not a good morning rider.:smiley:

I’l ride. Urban or muni is fine with me. I can ride anytime too. There are 3 other riders here that im sure would want to ride too.

Cool, I’ll talk to my family and see if later works so sleepy head Terry can join!!

I can possibly go depending on how my ankle heals up. It’s better for me if we go mid morning or around noon on Friday, but I can go anytime if need be.


If Terry is good for 11:00 let’s do that.

I’m with JL on the time frame of noon to 1pm. Can’t do 11am. Totally understand if you can’t accomodate the later time frame though, so have a great ride!:smiley:

Okay, noon it is, I’d rather piss off my family than miss riding with the buds!

Ok we’re on! I’ll need this ride to work off all the turkey, mashies & gravy, buttered veggies, rolls, and of course…PIE! :smiley:

What trail? Not doing pratt would be fine for me. I know every rock on that trail.

Probably pratt, the same one we did last time because it is dh, which is great. If there are any other shuttles that are mostly dh and in the near vacinity of pratt, let me know.

I am up for anything and it does not have to be pratt or a shuttle.

“Anything?” YEah, howabout something as challenging as Devil’s slide, G-spot,or Suicide Connector? I’m up for that! PRatt is a little too easy anyway. :wink:

The whole idea is that I am in Ojai. So something in Ojai!

It would be sweet to do all 8 miles of pratt. You take a car around the back of norhdof ridge and ride down from there. However its like a 30min ride to the top.

I’m there! Sweet is good.

So whats the plan guys?

I say just go for the standard Pratt run, or better yet, if Evan’s pop can shuttle us higher on the trail, do that.


Jim called me and apparently he won’t be in ojai on friday, but Simi valley instead. Not quite sure what’s up with him yet, but sadly, I’m out as well as of now, but things might change.