MUni in Maclean's magazine again


Maclean’s magazine has more MUni in it this week, in the form of a political cartoon (below). This is a highly circulated but pretty conservative national news magazine in Canada and this is the 3rd time in a year they have had some kind of article or picture related to MUni. Not a very accurate drawing but it’s funny that it’s making it onto their radar screen.

Picture has URL of file:///e:/Political%20cartoon%20MUni.jpg
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For people outside Canada, there’s a leadership race going on right now for the political party that’s in power right now. A person named Paul Martin is probably going to win against a person named John Manley. The cartoon is of John Manley, basically saying, “this politician is not the mainstream obvious front runner Paul Martin but hey, keep an eye on him for what he can do, you read it here first in Maclean’s”



I briefly saw the article in UNLIMITED Magazine (I think that was the title). Didn’t get a chance to read it though, and didn’t get a hardcopy.

NICE pictures. Easily the best I have seen in a magazine.

Is this a Canadian magazine? I want to snag a copy but haven’t found it yet. I also haven’t found it with google.


Macleans, but I couldn’t find the cartoon there.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Is that out? That’s a totally different article and I didn’t know when it was coming out.

UNLIMITED is a marketing publication that has about 2.5 million readers/issue but it’s really hard to get ahold of- you can’t subscribe or buy it in stores. We spent an weekend shooting photos for this, and their photographer took over 1000 photos in 2 days, so I imagine that’s why some of them turned out OK.

I think there’s also 2 pictures from Nathan Hoover and my trip to Orizaba in the current issue of Hooked on the outdoors, but I haven’t seen that either.


Yeah, it’s out. A Muni friend showed it to me about 3 weeks ago.