muni hub recommendations

I’m thinking about purchasing a muni in the near future. I think I’m
going to be going for something with a Gazz. 24x3.0 tire. The next issue
I need to decide on is the hub. I am thinking I’ll use a Suzue for the
fact that it seems to be a reasonably good hub, and is rather
inexpensive. I am working on the logic that if I start breaking the Susue
hubs, I’d upgrade later.

I’ve got very little muni experience. I don’t believe I’ve ever made a
drop greater than 3’. Of course, I hope to push myself more when I get my
muni. Oh yeah, if it helps, I’m about 6’, 160lb.

As long as I’m writing, any frame suggestions would be useful too.

thanks, Jeff Lutkus

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Good MUni parts


I am also getting ready to get a MUni. I have e-mailed around to find information, about good parts, and frames.

Suzue hubs are good, but if you are pushing the boundries of the sport, I don’t know if they will hold up. If you are willing to spend a little more money than usual, get a Profile Racing hub and crank set(includes bearings and other necessary parts). You can order them from unicycle source or, I believe right on profile’s site. Profile is also working on frames for MUni.

Wilder cycles will have three MUni frames out in a few months too. I know for sure the one I want to get is the one Kris Holm has designed.

Unicycle source has a wheel set, that features the Profile hub and crank set, Sun doublewide rim, and Nokian Gazzalloddie (spelling?) 3.0" tire, for about $560.00.

These should last you some 5’ to 6’ foot drops!!!
Good Luck,