Muni gloves

Has anybody used the KH gloves available on UDC?? I am thinking of new gloves and like the wrist guard idea(thinking rollerblading wrist guards). Also, wondering about sizing. Any input would be welcome.

I like the versatlity of wearing gloves and wrist guards separately,because I don’t always wear my wrist guards, but I ALWAY wear gloves. Speaking of which, I found a great glove that’s both lightweight, and has “armour” on it as well to absorb impacts. Leather on bottom, nylon mesh on top. They cost about $30 and are available at REI. I love mine, and my wrist guards fit over them easily.


What type of wrist guards do you wear? I have some that I put my hand “through” and I’m now in a bit of a bind for finding decent gloves that’ll be small enough to find it them without having to buy new wrist protection as well as gloves.

I use the KH gloves and I realy like them much !!!
I also give them away to a friend who lost his gloves. He smiles about the KH gloves but after one week of riding with the KH gloves he decide to buy some for himself :slight_smile:
They are very comfortable. Maybe the Quality could be better but as I know, they still improved it.

For some reviews of the old KH design (looks like what UDC has), check here:

The wrist guard on the Pulse gloves is minimal - there is no plastic insert, just a tight wrap of canvas that helps stiffen the wrist. The palm does have extra padding, however.

For sizing, check this chart:

It seems fairly accurate for general glove sizes.

I do the same thing as Terry - separate wrist guards and gloves. I’m looking for something a lot more durable though…I’ve started destroying a wrist guards and gloves on a monthly basis.

i don’t like too much padding in my gloves so i use 661 dirt jumping/bmx gloves. full fingered and not too bulky.

I have the pulse gloves, and I’d give them a 7 out of 10.

Pros: full-fingered, feel like my MTB gloves, reasonable wrist support
Cons: limited sizes (L barely fits me, but it’s as big as they get), hot, not the prettiest

I bought these because I wanted full-finger protection, something not available with my 888 wrist guards (can’t get them on if I have gloves underneath). I was getting some blisters from my seat handle when hopping, which prompted me to try the KH gloves. They were worth the money, but will no doubt improve over time.