Muni for sale or to be traded for a trials

My old muni is still up for sale. However, now there is an upcoming female trials/street rider who needs a unicycle for herself. Currently, we’re sharing my trials, but she wants more time with the uni to practice her tricks, so we’re looking into getting her one. If anyone’s got a trials and needs a muni, shout out now.

The muni is a 24" splined qu-ax with a yellow hub: super-strong. It comes with steel pinned pedals(Factory of Madness) and three tyres: Wildlife Duro, Hookworm(it’s on now) and a Fireball. All the tyres have been used for less than six months each and still have quite a bit of thread on them.

The unicycle had been used as a learner and afterwards a trials and street machine for a year, before I got my 19". From then on, it just stayed in my room the whole time, so it’s only been used for one and a half years. The only damage is a scratched frame and two replaced spokes(all the other damaged parts were replaced).

The seat is standard stock qu-ax with a cut-out for junk. I can include a street KH one too, but the base is damaged and will probably break soon.

All in all, it’s a great unicycle and will serve it’s owner well and long, as long as he/she takes good care of it. I have and it never failed me.

Also, if you just want to support female unicycling scene, you’re welcome to donate a trials uni to a good cause.

Alternatively, I could trade for climbing gear.

PM sent.

Ivan, could you please post some more pics of the Muni? I am interested in how scratched up the frame is (as silly as that sounds.)…

I will post pics of my trials.

Sure. The frame is pretty scratched up, I’ve done lots of natural trials with it.
These are some old pictures from the gallery:
Here’s a link to my google gallery: - you can view photos in close-up on there.

But, as I said, I have the exact same frame without a scratch on it - it was only used for about two weeks of learning to ride. Then it was replaced by Roland because it was slightly off-centre(pic - However, that really shouldn’t be an issue if you do muni with it(I don’t really know where it would be an issue, actually, I asked Roland to replace it because I was just getting into unicycling and was afraid it was a defective part). I can include that frame for free, I have no use for it. Or I can put it on instead of the frame I have now. I’ve also got new bearing holders, steel-colour, but I can spray them black if you want.

If you want more pictures, I’ll check what I have on my computer or take more when I can get a camera.

And pics of your trials would be nice.

Hmm, those first two pictures show the down side of the left crank - the side I used to crank-grab with, so it’s the most scratched of all. Other crank is better.

I am in school right now, and will not be home until about 7PM my time (im not sure what that time is for you hehe) and can post pictures then. I have also PMd you. :slight_smile:

Uni is traded and will be shipped to Connor(Cps10) tomorrow in return for a Nimbus trials.

Show is over, folks.

One pretty girl unicyclist is very happy.


To clear up any confusion that might have been created in the simple minds of Je[post=1611590]remy R[/post]s: I need another trials uni because my girlfriend is learning trials. She rides quite a lot and wants to ride more, so we can’t share my uni anymore: we fight to her last breath.

And I shipped the muni today. It should be in America by the end of next week. Expecting to see that trials soon:)

If a negative “non” in front of “girl” means nothing to you then I don’t know what to say.

I would by the seat for 15$ canandian

oh never mind its already sold sorry bout that

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I always assumed you were a girl also. But maybe one who wanted to be a boy (hence Ivan). Your avatar is a female face, and non-danish as you claim to be, you also claim to be a girl.

Not trying to wind you up. Just think your grasp of English grammar and choice of avatar may be projecting an unintended image of yourself?


I never assumed you to be anything because you sprung into existence just a few seconds ago.

My avatar is a doll face. Dolls lack both primary and secondary sexual characteristics, therefore can neither be considered male nor female. Danish girl is a solid concept which is described by two words, as English language grammar rules may have it. I put “non” in front of those two words to mark my non-belonging to the social niche of Danish girls. If your grasp of English grammar makes it hard to understand, I am truly sorry. Seeing as you are a “Registered User”, I can only suggest that you try smoking different weed when attempting to comprehend subjects of this magnitude and importance.

I shall say good day to you sir and ommit the smiley which maybe would have helped in realising the humour put into my post. On a second thought, however, I shall reconsider and put that smiley in this post after all: :wink:

Best regards,
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YAY and i still got the uni!

Wow, Drum! You are stuck!


Is the fireball tire in your pics above for sale too? Can’t seem to find one of these anywhere. Assuming this is a 24"? If so, I’m interested in buying tires. PM is best