Muni Events in PA - Spring/Summer 2015

Here’s a list of events that rule. We locals are on it- and occasionally the secret gets out. The pedaling community in Western Pennsylvania is pretty rad.

In chronological order:

Pretty much every Friday night we go to The Wheel Mill. Uni riders get a good discount on Fridays. We usually cut back from the weekly sessions around mid-April. Tomorrow night they’re having a really rad indoor swap meet (mainly bike stuff) and indoor camping.

May 9th: 6 Hours of Brady’s Run. Come and race your face off. Super fun classic PA riding- ups, downs, rocks, roots, and a ton of fun. $30 to register Uni solo. $60 Uni Duo. Last year there were 7 uni solo riders. This is an incredibly well run event. Cheap registration too. If you’re heading this way we can probably find you lodging with one of us to keep the costs down.

May 15-17: Dirt Fest. It’s a mountain bike festival that munis are not only tolerated, but welcomed. We get a learner session and group ride in pretty much every year. Camping, riding, shenanigans. If you want in on this, you better act soon. Camping is already over 1/2 way full for the weekend. It’s that awesome, that’s why.

June 20th: Fat Tire Challenge. Registration isn’t up yet, but this is the first race to adopt a uni specific class in at least PA. There are others now, but there’s a reason this was the first. Challenging XC through the woods.

All of these events listed mix it up with our 2 wheeled friends. By getting a larger pool of participants together courses get more awesome, prizes get better, and the party is just plain better.

Giving a quick bump to this.

Dirt Fest camping is nearly full. If you’re thinking of going, it’s time to register. We’re under “Butler Wobble”. Sure, it’s an event that includes bikes. It’s a big enough event that it’s a win for all who go. We always swap High 5s with our two wheeled brethren.