Muni down Pikes Peak

DATE: August 19, 2006
TIME: 6:30 AM Breakfast at Challenge Unlimited
EVENT: Ride support vans to the top of P.P. Enjoy view and lack off oxygen. Ride your uni’s down P.P. Service Road to the end to the creek side dining called The Wines Of Colorado, for lunch.
Cost: $100.00 Breakfast, Lunch, and support Included
Contact: Al Brody 1(719) 266-6846
Cut Off: After July 19th $120.00 After Aug. 12th Space Limited, No Garantee

Other Events in the Area: In Denver there having the Moonlight Classic Sat. Night, A night ride on closed down streets of Denver. It would be cool to Represent there.

pikes peak is pretty much the only fourteener you can drive to the top of. i love it… A word of advice to those who decide to ride this…Make sure to wear layers as it can be quite chilly at the top even on the warmest of days.

Can I ride up it to?

Mt Evans can be driven up, and it’s a 14er also.

I forgot about Mt. Evans.

You should ride up, that would be insanely awesome.

I need a coker, and soon. I wish i wouldnt have just broken my trials uni and had to buy a new one. Maybe in a few months i will be able to afford a coker.

I think you mean “May I ride up it too?”, Mike dear, as we all know that you can ride up it.


Sounds fun. I’ve driven to the top of Pikes Peak years ago and it is surreal getting out of a car suddenly at altitude. If you bring a beer to the top and open it, you’ll see what I mean.

There is another drivable 14er besides Mt Evans (14,264’) - White Mountain Peak in California is 14,246’ and has a high-altitude research station on the summit. The road is very 4WD but is driven every year. We descending it, all the way to the bottom in 2002, which resulted in a 12 hour unicycle ride with over 12500’ of descent (brake required!) forum post about that ride.

If I were in CO and had $100 to spare, I’d do this event for sure. Hope to read about how it goes and see lots of great photos.


Muni up and down Fall River Road in RMNP

Fall River Rd., a dirt road in Rocky Mountain National Park, is closed to motor traffic until July, so you can ride about 8 miles up from around 8000 feet to the Alpine Visitor’s Center at 11,800 feet, then back down. I did this last year, going up from the farthest gate, where a the road turns to one way up after July 1, in about 1 hr. 11 minutes up, and 1 hr. 6 minutes down, with no dismounts at all. Awesome scenery. I’m doing it again this weekend on June 25th. No crowds either (except the occasional mountain bike).

Its getting closer is any body interested!!