Muni/Coker ride Friday 3/6

Jamey and I are going to ride Friday if anyone is interested. Cokers if it’s rainy, probably Woods Muni if it’s nice. All are welcome.

I’m definitely down if my work schedule allows! Do have an idea for a meet/start time? If coker, will the location still be in the OC area?

Terry, If Coker, probably Santa Ana river trail to HB. Woods if Muni. Whatever the majority wants, I just want to ride after being down with knee surgery!

A Coker ride sounds really good right now! I live right next to the Santa Ana river trail exactly 21.5 miles away from HB.

I’ve done a couple rides to the beach from where I’m at. One ride totalled about 65 miles.

But I do have school friday, so I don’t think I would make it.

+1. I have some friends who coker also. Is there any possibility of changing the date?

+1 on changing the date. If it’s not too much of a hassle.

Yeah, Sundays always works best for me, especially given the distance and the fact that I work M-F, and sometimes Saturdays as well. Also, don’t the trails at Aliso get closed for at least 2-3 days after it rains? So even if it doesn’t rain on the day you plan to ride, if it rained the day or two before, it might still be closed? If that were the case, I would still come out for the coker ride though. That’s always a blast as well! :smiley:

We can probably ride Sunday also. But Friday is a go. Jamey is moving to Australia and works week ends so we want to get in some rides before he leaves.

What??? He’s moving there? Any idea when he’s moving? I guess I’ll need to talk with him asap.


I have plans saturday. I would love to do a sunday ride

I believe quite a few of us have plans saturday. That’s parade day!

I ride almost every day, mostly within my “local” area, but when I have to drive 90+ miles roundtrip to ride, it’s almost always a Sunday thing. :slight_smile:

yes that was my plans

Jamey and I are meeting at Canyon Vista Park (Woods) @ 9:00am. We’re going to go up Cholla, down Stairsteps then across to El Moro and see what we find. Or whatever! All are welcome.

I am unfortunately (or maybe that is fortunately) working, but have fun on Steps. Seems a little bold, given you are still recovering. If you get back to riding your mtb the Luge is in great shape and I ride it one eveng a week.

Is there still a Coker ride on the Santa Ana river trail tomorrow? I’ll definitely be there if you’re doing a ride.

Yeah I might be up for that too, but might do the Redondo to Will Rogers ride that passes through Venice instead. That one rocks! :smiley:

Joe, tried your phone a couple times, no answer. I’m commited Sunday so have to pass.
Jamey and I went down 5 Oaks, up Mathis(he rode up the whole thing!) then down Stairsteps. He went on to cross to El Morro while I went back to get a smog check. Road my road b*ke for a couple hours so had a nice 2 sport day.

Will be in Ojai next week end and will try to do Pratt. Jamey may come up. Will see my brother for the first time in 10 years. He rode unis as a kid so I’ll try to get him hooked again.

I have no missed calls on my phone. I’ll PM you my number. I talked to Jamey and he also said he’s busy Sunday so it looks like we’ll postpone.

Sounds like the ride went well, and I’m not surprised Jamey made it up Mathis. He’s a machine when it comes to hill climbs.

Ojai is pretty far! It’s probably a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive, right?

10 years is a long time to not see a sibling. I hope that never happens between me and my sister.

Have fun next weekend!

Yes, the word on the street is true…I am moving to Australia the beginning of April. My girlfriend got a job over there as a leading role for a new TV Series that shoots from April till August. Since we were just there for 2 months of the holidays, I still have my work visa good till December so I will street perform while she’s acting. Due to this unfortunately uniproshop is temporarily closed until I can re-open it hopefully in the future. With the economy and me not being able to put my 110% into it, plus not having the funds to build it, it is the only option right now…

I would LOVE to do as many MUni rides and/or distance rides I can over the next few weeks while I am still around so hit me up if you plan to do a ride, and if I can I will probably join ya. But Saturday and Sundays are out (unless it rains) because I am performing at the OC Market until I leave…

Back to the thread…the ride with Jim was great! Glad he’s back at it. I did ride up Mathis but had two dismounts… :frowning: Although I have ridden it once with none! :slight_smile: