I have been asked by THIERRY BOUCHE, president of MUNI club MTT SENSATION to
send a copy of a letter he adressed to Roger Davies. Thierry don’t have internet
acces, but here is the postal adress of the club:

MTT Sensations 4 Boulevard Foch 38000 GRENOBLE phone: 76732106

Last new’s from the club: A TV report on regional TV channel. A club ride down
of a little grenoble area mountain (500 m denivellement) Contacts with the
French Cyclism Federation in order to obtain a recognition of our sport

Here is the copy of the letter presenting club activities:

Beginning of the letter****************

                                                    Grenoble, 1995
                                                    December 12th

Dear Roger,

I’m very sorry for my very tardest letter. I hope you aren’t angry. I thank you
for your invitation at the Polaris Challenge, but it was impossible for me to
going there in october (and my friends too). I found your letter and photo very
interesting . It’s very impressive to know that there are other mountain
unibikers and to can to speak with them. Have you racing the Polaris Challenge ?
Were there other unibiker ? Were you the first in your category ? I don’t know
if Philippe Quaglia (I meet him at Eurocycle 95) has speaked to you on my
practical experience of the MUni. Unfortunatly I can’t use Internet.

Some remarks : I’m in charge of a group of unibikers (about 35 persons each
year) since five years. We are proposing :

  • hiring for the week or the weekend,
  • training :
    - initiation during 4 hours
    - autonomy during 10 hours
    - off-road during 10 hours. We participate in sporting exhibitions for
    initiating some people. Since 1993, we have the assent of the French
    Cycling Organization. We are today the first and the only club of
    “MTT” (off-road unicycle) in France. In the near future we object to :
    - create another club in France,
    - be in contact with another unibikers in the world,
    - organize races especially for unibikers,
    - be accepted at sporting practising for going in the future to the
    Olympic Games. I think I have summarized the most important actions of
    “MTT Sensations”. About the practise of the unibike, I didn’t know it
    was possible to race with a bike so your example is very interesting.
    Today I think that the different practicals of the MUni are dependent
    on the material. I never biked with a MUni as yours. My MUni have a
    small wheel, small arms and a very special saddle. It’s ideal for
    strong slopes. The problem is the speed in the hill. I prefer run up
    with the MUni on the shoulder.

After having read some letters about the uni on internet, I think that the most
difficult today is not to build a MUni but to exceed the realms of possibility.
For example, racing MTB Challenge, or riding down the Aconcagua, was impossible
before having tried it.

I hope my english isn’t to difficult to understand and hope to speak more
regularly with you for sharing experiences. Looking forward to reading from you,



Great job, isnt’it ?

If you are interested, I can follow mails to THIERRY.

PHILIPPE QUAGLIA New 26" rider, unfortunatly in Paris.