MUni at Mostyn - Mayhem or BUC

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know where the MUni rides were held when the BUC or Mostyn Mayhem was at Mostyn. (I’m trying to find somewhere cool to ride locally).

I guess Roger would know so I’ll email him if no one here knows.



I’ll have a look at a map at some pont and work out what the names of places were. Paul and I lead the rides one year, found a nice loop or two.

Cool, thanks Sarah.


The last Mostyn Mayhem muni ride was along the sea front to Prestatyn. Not the most likely route for muni - total climb about 10 feet. Much of the ride was below sea level. It was fun though.

I seem to recall the “real” muni rides were quite some distance from Mostyn. One that Roger led involved walking for ages up a hill and then a quick ride down the other side. Hmm. Of course, Roger rode up as well as down.


Well, that’s my daily route anyway.

I know I’ve seen some photos of riders from Mostyn (either BUC or Mayhem) up on the top of a hill that I did not recognise. If the rides were some distance from Mostyn, that would explain why I did not recognise it.


Um, might be while Cath, the relevent map was not in at the libarary today, I’ll try again next time I’m there but that may be in a couple of weeks. It was about a 20 min drive from Mostyn, inland and over some hills.

Thanks Sarah. Don’t worry about it, just if you remember would be great. Thanks for thinking of me anyway. :smiley: