Muni article in the New York Times

New York Times

Saw this today, I’m not sure if its been posted or if anyone else has seen it but I thought it was pretty interesting/accurate. It sounds like they at least did a little but of research…

The only mistake I noticed was that they put Paco’s name in where Cody’s should be. Other than that I think they got it right for the most part!


That’s odd, on the left they have a video from the recent NAUCC.

I was at both events and had no idea they were doing something like this.

nice article
who’s wearing the helmet cam?

Thanks for posting the article. I was surprised to see that I was in the NAUCC video (at least my backside) 1:23-1:29.

Wooo! That video was funny. And showing muni from a slightly new angle.

HAHHA didnt know my name was Paco Hadley…Kinda like the time Max Shultz was on my uni and they said he was me last year at Moab.

Cool article.

I like the guy talking himself through the tough spots.
Nice tip, might have to try that.

Must’ve been some of those Christian Muni-ers what with all the “Christ” and “Jesus” exclamations in spots.:wink: :wink:

wait…does everyone else but me talk to themselves aloud when riding muni?

I talk to myself sometimes, but not out loud. Takes too much energy.

:slight_smile: :sunglasses: Awesome article. I’ll have to wait till Monday, when I can get to a better computer to see the vid :frowning: