Muni and Greek Genitals

As I walked happily through the halls of my school today, I was approached by a kid who found something seemingly quite amusing about my shirt. I was proudly sporting my Mountain Uni shirt, you know, the green one that says “Do the Muni” on the back of it.
When I asked the kid what he was laughing at, he simply said “Thats a funny shirt, but they forgot the O”
Not quite getting what he was saying, I asked him to explain.
He said that it is supposed to be spelled MOUNI.
I was pretty sure he was not talking about the sport of Mountain Unicycling.
He further explained that in Greek, the word Mouni is well, not what I was expecting.
Let me Quote which is a dictionary of Greek slang terms.
-mouni (noun)

  • vagina Common, but slang; should not be used in front of ladies! Can mean also a very nice woman: “Thee mou, ti mouni einai auto?” “My God, what a gorgeous woman!”. Sometimes also means a messy situation: “Ta’kana mouni” “I screwed up everything”.

There is a rather large Greek population in my school. No wonder there were so many “Hey, I love that shirt” and “Yeah man, DO THE MUNI” comments when I wore the shirt. Hey, and all this time, I thought they just liked the take off of the Mountain Dew Logo. hehe
Gilby, you should print up special ones to award to those who pass level 11. They should read “Forget the Muni, Do the Mouni!”
-David Kaplan

Does anyone know of any uni terms that mean something in a different language?
-David Kaplan


That’s the problem with the Mountain Uni shirts, they are to obscure to non unicyclists. I still love mine, but people are always asking me what “moony” means when I wear it.


Re: Muni and Greek Genitals

On Tue, 7 May 2002 16:14:52 -0500, UniDak
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>Does anyone know of any uni terms that mean something in a different
>-David Kaplan

There are meanings in Finnish for words “uni” and “muni”.

“uni” means “dream” (when sleeping).

“muni” is past tense verb derived from word “muna” which means “egg”.
E.g.: “Chicken produced eggs” in Finnish: “Kana muni munia”.

In slang “Muna” also means certain male organ.


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Re: Muni and Greek Genitals

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Uh-uh. Mika Holkeri has been posting in here longer than you (though
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