[MUNI] AmaOneTya - Downhill 1

The Uni Crew from AmaOneTya got together for an awesome MUni ride in Tokai Forest and were joined by Xolani, a simply amazing 12 year old for his 3rd MUni ride. Xolani attends the Zip-Zap Circus School, which is a great institution which provides free circus training for youth from all walks of life. I asked him what he likes doing the most at Zip-Zap and he very enthusiastically replied … “Unicycling” :smiley:

Back to the video… any feedback appreciated :slight_smile: Enjoy…

Watch in HD.

Full download here…
The full download may be slow, so please be patient with it.

Awesome to see that there’s people unicycling in Africa! Great video and spectacular riding! :slight_smile: Keep it up!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Our numbers are growing slowly with a lot more interest being show locally. We will be doing more videos…

Now that Mr Reggae has a nice little HD camera to play with, I expect we’'l see a lot more footage coming from the Cape Town riders.

Good job with this latest vid. looking forward to the one!