MTB Project: Best place to find trails near you

If you muni, do yourself a favor and download the MTB Project app and use it to find almost any trail near you wherever you are. Has ratings, great descriptions, maps, elevation profiles, directions, photos, etc. My favorite feature is you can use the map for a new trail you haven’t ridden and it will show you exactly where you are and if you are going the right way even if your phone doesn’t get signal as it uses GPS and can even be in airplane mode. Basically you can never get lost unless your phone dies. And if there is a trail that isn’t on it yet, you can easily add it. I LOVE this app and use it all the time (no I don’t have any connection with this company). Check it out here:

Thanks, Jamey! Since I’ll be in a completely new area soon I’ll give this a try.

Another Thanks Jamey! Awesome site. Makes me wanna MTB, but oh I must resist, (im a speed junkie) and be loyal to my Oregon! I owed my regained health to it.:wink:

Thanks. There’s also Trail Run Project, which looks like it was made by the same people. For my area there’s almost no overlap in trails.