Mt Ventoux Unicycle Challenge - July 29, 2023

We were motivated to organise a non-competitive but challenging event!

Information & registration :

Facebook event (ask questions et discuss with other participants) :

The principle of this day is to climb alone or in relay the Mont Ventoux by these 3 roads (for a total of 137km and 4400m of elevation).

This is a non competitive event, the event will not be timed, the objective of each participant is to finish.
The 3 climbs will be done starting with the most difficult and ending with the easiest.
The itinerary will be as follows: Bédoin / Mt Ventoux / Malaucène / Mt Ventoux / Sault / Mt Ventoux / Bédoin
Mont Ventoux from BĂ©doin
Mont Ventoux from Malaucène
Mont Ventoux from Sault

The departure is planned in the center of BĂ©doin at sunrise (around 6am) with an end in BĂ©doin before sunset (9pm-9:30pm).
Time barriers will be provided to leave Malaucène and Sault, for example 11am and 4pm.
The idea is to spend as much time as possible together, especially in the climbs. But we shouldn’t all be late.

For this event to gather a maximum of participants, we propose the participation alone or in relays of 2 or 3 (with at least one ascent and descent per participant).

You will have understood the objectives of this event are multiple:

  • to gather and realize together a collective unicycle sport achievement
  • to take advantage of this event to serve a charity in medical research
  • to promote road unicycling practice in a mythical place for the cyclists of the whole world

For this event we would like to create a jersey dedicated to the event and a photo and video follow-up to communicate on the feat and to keep a souvenir.

The road will be open and the respect of the road code is mandatory.



The event will take place on July 29, 2023.

All the information has been on the registration site:

We will have to commit quickly to the production of the jerseys. If you can’t come and you want to help us, there are 2 solutions:
1/ you can order a cycling jersey without participating (you must be registered in the registration tool)
2/ you can make a donation to the Brain Institute Mont Ventoux Unicycle Challenge | Alvarum

If the idea of doing a single climb of Mont Ventoux appeals to you, sign up and teams will be formed.

Feel free to share the info. Do not hesitate to ask your questions. Do not hesitate to come ! :upside_down_face:


That’ll be a great event! I’ll be there and I hope we’ll be a lot! :partying_face:


I’m sharing here a publication I made on social networks to explain the project (the text is long, I translated it with a translator… ok it’s not the first time :sweat_smile:).

I’d like to explain why I set myself the challenge of climbing the Ventoux 3 times in the same day, the challenge of doing it together, the challenge of making it a charity event.

You only have to open a map of France to see the contrast between Mont Ventoux and Saint-Malo, my home town. And yet, I’ve heard all about Mont Ventoux. My dad was from Nyons. In 1958, he saw Charly Gaul set the record for the climb (which stood for 31 years). On that occasion, he made his only ascent of the Ventoux by bike to the cheers of the crowds, a day that left a deep impression on him.

In February 2011, my dad suffered a thalamic stroke. He was so quick-witted and had such a brilliant memory. Overnight, he was a shadow of his former self. For months, he was unable to take the slightest initiative. It wasn’t until 1 year later that he began to recover.

By then, I’d lost all sense of my medical studies, and was in need of some fantasy… I discovered the unicycle, which required all my attention and made passers-by smile.

In July 2019, I went to Provence with my parents with the intention of climbing the Ventoux on a unicycle. We went to Malaucène, because it was the closest commune to Nyons. Once we’d set off, there was no question of putting my foot down, and 1h44 later I was at the summit. The hardest part was the descent to Sault; I wanted to do it without a break, but the pain in the support points made me give it up.

Afterwards, I realized that, for the purists, the climb from Malaucène wasn’t worth the one from Bédoin, so I had to come back!

I couldn’t come back with my dad, who died in early 2021. In July 2021, I returned to Provence with my mom, but this time it took me 1h40 to reach the summit from downtown Bédoin. Shortly afterwards, I learned of a challenge to climb all 3 Ventoux peaks in the same day…

In August 2022, I started talking to my unicyclist friends about it: to Martin, who knows Mont Ventoux best, and also to Maxence, who is a talented unicyclist, as well as being president of the Commission Nationale Monocycle.

I had envisaged a date at the end of July 2023 for this challenge, but then winter arrived and the euphoria died down…

At the end of January 2023, Maxence’s father was diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. His father quickly lost the use of his legs, then the ability to eat and finally to breathe. With no known cure, he passed away in mid-March. Both cycling enthusiasts, Maxence and his father had planned to climb Mont Ventoux together.

Organizing this event on Mont Ventoux was an obvious choice for Maxence and me.

By organizing this event on July 29, I’m expecting the participating unicyclists to be buoyed by the cheers of cycling enthusiasts from all over the world, just as I was myself on my 2 previous climbs.

To show our support for the Institut du Cerveau - Paris Brain Institute and display our unity, we decided to create a cycling jersey dedicated to the event. We had Lauranne’s help with the logo and Alexis gave me Noret’s contact. I hope you like the design as much as we do.

Noret will produce 50 jersey by the end of July, and additional jersey can be produced for September/October if required. The price of the jersey is €60 (excluding postage), with profits going towards the organization of the event. Any surplus will be donated to the Brain Institute.

If you like the jersey and would like to support the project, you can pre-order it using this form (please note the size):

And we need your help to ensure that the fund raised by Maxence in memory of his father is more than just a symbol, and that medical research really does make progress:
Mont Ventoux Unicycle Challenge | Alvarum

Jersey desgin

Sizing guide

My dad on his bicycle (a few years before his ascent of the ventoux)

My first Mt Ventoux climb (july 23, 2019)

My second Mt Ventoux climb (july 20, 2021)


This looks super cool - what an amazing challenge!! Would be great to get some video if possible - would love to see. Bonne chance!!


This is really inspirational - and touching to hear the full backstory.

So wish I could sign up and join this but with two young kids now I realise our logistics to get to events like this are way more complex than before.

Wish all participants the best experience :muscle:


Provence is a wonderful region. Even if you have to make the trip, you have to come for 1 or 2 weeks in addition to the event :wink:

The videographer’s budget is linked to the sale of the jerseys (60 € + shipping), I’ll do my best to find solutions to facilitate payment and shipping. :slight_smile:


It’s in less than 10 days!

On July 29, there will be just under 20 unicyclists on the slopes of Mont Ventoux, 11 of whom will attempt the 3 ascents (and descents!) of Mont Ventoux between sunrise and sunset.

The day before yesterday I received cards from the club des cinglés

Today I’ve just received the jerseys

Most jerseys have already been sold or reserved, but there are still some left. You can reserve yours here:


It will be amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


And… We’re alive!

9 out of 11 challengers achieved the 3 ascents and descents. 1 out of 3 teams also achieved the challenge. That was crazy! :star_struck:


I am trying to find better words than Amazing, Incredible, and Congratulations!

I just keep looking at the Strava analysis, and my mouth wants to drop open in wonder. That was such an audacious goal (I did not realize how far you would ride, and the elevation change you would overcome), and is such an incredible, amazing achievement!


Thanks! I guess most of us didn’t realize what we were going to try before yesterday. It was probably too difficult for most of us. If I had to bet, I would have say that only 3 out of 11 challengers would make it: Ben, Felix and Simon. Finally, that’s 9 of us that have made it. And 3 people have done the 2 hardest climbs (3200m of elevation gain!). I find that unicyclists have a really strong mind and they don’t want to stop before having reached their goal. That’s amazing!

Honestly, that was crazy to set such a goal. But it was worth it. I’m really happy we made it, as it was a tribute for my father.


Me too. That is truly an incredible achievement. No doubt you’ve made memories that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations are well deserved.


I’m also very impressed with the accomplishments here — the challenge is just hard to grasp in scale and difficulty.

I long to personally take part in such an event (one day :crossed_fingers:) - and hope this kind of thing isn’t a one-off.

Here’s hoping we see more such epic unicycle challenges as it really is inspiring and such a motivation to develop skill and fitness for such an event

:muscle::1st_place_medal:Well done all!


Thanks Felix! It is definitely hard to grasp how difficult and long this challenge is! However, there’s a very important keyword: slowness. The slower you go, the less energy you spend, the higher the chances you get to the summit are :snail:

Is it a one-off? Well… :eyes:
Le Grand Colombier is another well-known grand col in France. It has been the finish of one stage of Le Tour de France 2023. At that place, there’s another challenge, very similar to Les Cinglés du Mont Ventoux: 4 climbs, 137 km and 5,000m of elevation gain. I’d like to give a try to this challenge one day. It would be a pleasure to go for it with other unicyclists! So, who knows? I may organize an event to do so! Maybe next year or in 2 years.

Yes, that’s the col I went to 2 months ago to train for the Mont Ventoux Unicycle Challenge :grin:


Like others i am complety lost for words on what you have all achieved. Well done doesnt seam to cut it with what you have done.


You definitely had some up and downs on your ride. Well done.


I realize that there has been no feedback on the forum. Here’s a translation of a post I made in French on instagram.

"Saturday, July 29, 2023, at 6:30 a.m., a bunch of unicyclists launched their climb up Mont Ventoux.
We were lucky with the weather. The weather was so perfect for the 1st ascent via BĂ©doin that it seemed easy to us all.

We were lucky with the weather. The weather was so perfect for the 1st climb via BĂ©doin that it seemed easy to us all.

The 2nd climb via Malaucène was a different story… along with the fatigue, the heat knocked us out. Our bodies were put to the limit, we all fell behind schedule and that’s when most of us gave up.
But there weren’t as many DNFs as I’d imagined.

We are 6 unicyclists who have each covered the 137km and 4400m of the route and arrived before nightfall: Ben, Maxence, Alain, Gert-Jan, Martin and myself.
Two others rode through the night and arrived before midnight… I knew that Mathias was determined to go all the way despite the difficulties… and I also knew that Felix (who could have returned before dark) is much too kind :heart: and wanted to accompany him all the way. I might as well tell you that I wasn’t at all confident until they arrived.
Alexis did the first climb on his unicycle and the rest on his bike (going crazy at 80km/h on the downhills :face_with_peeking_eye:).
I haven’t mentioned the first to arrive: Medhi, Driss and Maxence. Three youngsters coached by Michaël, who took it in turns all the way. Well done to them! :muscle:
Well done also to the participants who didn’t make it to the end. In a way, it shows that this wasn’t just a ride, but a real sporting challenge.

I’m glad I got everyone together and succeeded in the challenge I set for myself (and for others).

Oh, I forgot, this challenge is a first in the history of the unicycle and 8 of us took it up."

The group picture after the 1st climb:

The day’s photo album :

A video will be available in the next few weeks.

Thanks to forum members who ordered a jersey to support us :wink:
I still have a few jerseys left in S, M and L size. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d buy one.