Mt. Hope Cemetery

I’ve spoted someone else on a Unicycle other than myself! I attend the
Chiropractic College in Toronto, and twice I’ve seen someone Unicycling
through the Mt. Hope Cemetery. However, both times he was headed off into
the distance so I didn’t have a chance to stop him for a chat. So this post
is simply a call out to the Cemetery Unicyclist! If you’re around on this
newsgroup let me know… Maybe we can hook up for a ride.


I think I recall meeting a unicyclist from the Chiropractic College in Toronto. Of couse, he was killed in a freak unicycle accident years ago, so he couldn’t possibly be the same…or could he? :astonished:

What is it with Chiro’s and Unicycles. I attended Life Chiropractic College back in the mid-late 80’s. Rode my unicycle to school often in those wonderful years.
I was the only unicyclist on my campus, but obviously, several Chiros &/or future Chiros ride. Patients love to see me and my kids riding around town. It seems to be a great advertisement for keeping you life and health WELL BALANCED! --chirokid–
PS: As a side note: "I DO NOT ride in cemetaries. :roll_eyes: "