Mt Coottha Muni Rides Info and Advise Please


I’m moving to Brisbane on the 14th of this month to attend QUT (studying Medical Engineering). I’m going to be living in Bayliss Street in Auchenflower. I ride Muni and would love to get out on weekly rides.

I signed up for some yahoo group for Brisbane riders but I am unsure if it is still used. Are there regular rides on/at Mt Coottha? If so, exactly where and when do you go?

I don’t have a car, so what do you think is the best way for me to get to Mt Coottha?

What’s the public transport like when it comes to unis in Brisbane?

Any other info about Muni in Brisbane would be greatly appreciated.

Sam :slight_smile:

yes the yahho group is going strong still.

theres a ride tommorow morning at 7am up here (mt cootha (where i happen to live, very convenient)), but you probably wont be able to make it :p.

getting to where we start would be quite a bitch if you dont have a car, so you would have to get a lift with somebody or take a bus and ride far about 60 minutes up a HUGE hill to get there, which is not reccomended.

you are allowed to take a uni on pretty much every bus, with the exception of crappy bus drivers that dont let you on. you get on 95% of the time.

muni usually starts at 7am at the gap creek reserve car park.

we do street rides in the city often which is a lot more accessible and pretty fun too, i reccomend coming to them when you can.

How bigs the muni group? I should be able to get a lift with someone thats comeing from my direction.

How are the trails around Mt Coottha? mixed ability levels?

I can’t wait to join you guys, it should be a blast.

Sam :slight_smile:

do you have msn?

if so add me - iridemymuni (at) unicyclist (dot) com

the group is about 4 to 7 ish.

yeah im not that great at muni and i do alright, it’s nothing super technical its fun

Hey, I go on the rides a fair bit (pretty much every week).

They are great fun and anyone can go on them, we ride as fast as the slowest rider. Along the way there will may be a technical side track or something 1 or 2 of us might try.

Last week there were 7 of us, one on a bike. So it will be great when you join us. Every now and again (like next week) we wil do a fairly technical trial. Next week we will split into 2 smaller groups and one group will ride a moderate trail while the other group will ride a hard technical trail.