Mr. Six rides a uni!

It’s Turkey Day and I joined 11,000 of my closest friends at the Manchester (CT) Road Race. It poured buckets but we did it anyway. A lot of folks run it in costume. Last year I hated the latex skull cap so I bit the bullet and shaved the head (wasn’t much there to begin with). I did the race on Heely’s and had a friend push me up the steeper stretches. Before the race, I couldn’t resist getting in a few laps around the parking lot on the uni…

I like the kids in the background looking on
nice costume, you fit it well

It looks like you had fun despite the rain. I live in Manchester and saw people running by my house this morning. Maybe I should have ran.

Manchester Road Race

I’ve been running the race since before you were born. You should definitely consider running it in future years. I’m always trying to encourage folks to wear costumes. I’ve also run as Elwood Blues.

I was riding the uni around the parking lot next to the Army Navy club.