MP3 Players + Riding = :(

hey all,
When i ride by myself i usually like to have some music playing in my ears, so that i have somethin to ride to and it also gives me a bit more enthusiasm to do bigger and harder tricks!!

But weneva i am about to go out for a ride i think should i take it or not, coz the actual MP3 player goes into my pocket and wen i hop around it smacks against my leg and puts me off!! I cant stick it in my bag coz wen i am doing tricks i put my bag down, so it isnt on me, plus its no fun doin stuff with a bag on!

Does ne1 have the same problem or hav ne solutions ??? :thinking:

Thanx in advance

Consider an Arm Band; no personal experience with these, but my brother seems to like them for sports.

Same thing happened to me, but i had mine on a neckstrap. Now i have an MP3 phone and it goes in me pocket, that is a lot better.

tight jeans is the answer! u may look a tad gay… but Anything for the music!

get some wireless head phones

you plug one part into your mp3 player (wich could be in your bag) and you wear the other part(the headphones)

im not sure where you can get these but alot of my skate boarding friends use them

yeah dont wear them in loose jeans or youll drop them and break it…


Re: MP3 Players + Riding = :frowning:

trials2k wrote:
> … the actual MP3 player goes into my pocket and wen i hop around
> it smacks against my leg and puts me off!! I cant stick it in my bag
> coz wen i am doing tricks i put my bag down, so it isnt on me, plus its
> no fun doin stuff with a bag on!

This is what you need:

A cheaper option, of course, would be to gaffer tape a cheap MP3 player
to your usual cycling glasses.

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I usually keep mine in my back jeans pocket and it seems to stay put and out of the way…I run the wire up under my shirt. This is for mainly riding and a few tricks… when I’m stopped to do trials and stuff I usually take it off as the ear-buds and wires throw me off.

I got a little armband MP3 player case at Target for five bucks or something. Works fine for MUni, and as it’s padded, I don’t worry about dropping it any other time either.

use duct tape

dorfmans idea is by far the best. but it can be a bit expensive for cordless headphones. but i would not advise putting it in your pocket if your a trials rider. if you bail your gaurenteed to land on the side with the player in your pocket(it always happens that way) that how i smashed my first player.

If you have an ipod (mini, 1st-4th generation, not 5th), you can get this really cool case that is fully waterproof (i’ve submerged mine and listened with only the earbuds above water) and quite shock-proof w/ foam and plastic protection

i highly recomend it as I use it for mountain biking and unicycling sometimes
it also is water proof

the cord around the neck, i think is best, doesnt fall off/out. and how often do we land on our chin and chest?

Yes, Ryan Atkins does that, and if it works for him, it should work for anybody!

I LOVE my arm band, it’s perfect for riding!

I hadn’t thought about wireless headphones though…dang :frowning:

i just hook my onto my belt loop. i havent damaged it…yet …

ive never had my mp3 player on me when im unicyclcing, infact its a good idea if i new where it was id stick it in my poket and just have the wires going up my shirt to my ears… its a crap old 1 though so if i fall on it good ridance

I don’t want to be an advocate for IPod… however, i bought the ipod shuffle solely for the purpose of riding. And i chose the shuffle because it’s really small, really light, easy to operate through a shirt and you can get a cool little case the it fits in really well.

I’ve fallen directly onto my chest (and onto the ipod) sereral times (once was onto a sharp rock) and it’s still good. I thank the protective semi water proof/resistant case that it’s always in.

One thing that should be mentioned is that if you ride with your mp3 player under your shirt (as i do) and on your chest, and you sweat, then it can get messed. So basically a case is pretty key in keeping your mp3 player funcitonal.

One thing i should mention is the use of thist with no shirt on. Sometimes it’s too hot to ride with a shirt (for me at least) so to still listen to music, just make a knot in the neck-strap to shorten it, and do the same for the earphone wires. this keeps it closer to you chin, and it doesn’t bounce around much.

I think the wireless earphone solution is a good one too, and something i’ve though about.

thanx heaps for all the ideas of riding with the mp3 player guys :slight_smile: it has really helped, i think i will end up gettin an ipod shuffle coz its so small, and using the neck strap like Ryan!

I mostly ride trials, so something that doesnt move is vital, so it is probz best to get a shuffle for wen im riding, coz the iriver 5mg is too big, even tho it is actually pretty small for an mp3 player…

but neway, thanx once again for all the helpful hints!!

p.s. what do u use with ur shuffle? do u put it in ur pocket ? and wats this neck strap thing, wouldnt it flap around all over ur chest??

I always have mine in my pocket. It’s about the same size as an ipod and a bit more fragile. I have also fallen onto the side that it is in at least twice with alot of force. Just buy pants with deep pockets (but not baggy and floppy). When I’m riding the mp3 player is just below my hip bone and right next to my thigh so when I do fall the hip bone ends up taking the hit and the mp3 player just lodges itself nicely away from anything.