Moving whilst jumping

I can hop in place, but how does one do a hop in, well, any direction?

I think one of the things to consider, especially if you’re relatively new to hopping in general, is that this requires a short stillstand. Without pausing and letting yourself fall in the direction you want to hop, you will find it very difficult to get any distance. So hop on the spot, decide where you want to go, stop hopping and lean towards the spot, then hop upwards. I can’t really think what else there is to say about it, but the short stillstand is a key element I think. Good luck.



Have you ever used a pogo stick? It’s the same principle. When I started hopping I had a problem not spinning… I was just concentrating on staying upright. Once I managed to stop my spin it was a short step to choosing when and in which direction to spin. And then I just moved. I think it was just 'cause about 15 years ago my brother got a pogo stick and I learned how to ride that.

The trick is practice. Just hop. A lot. Eventually you’ll figure it out :slight_smile: One of the things I like to do now is ride to the end of my driveway. about 40 feet, stop, and then just hop backwards to where I started :slight_smile: Once I get going it’s almost as fast as rolling :wink:

Now I’m working on hopping left foot forward… I can do it no prob right foot forward, but the left one isn’t as much fun… I didn’t realize there was such a thing as being goofy foot on a uni :wink:

I don’t think there is such a thing as being goofy footed on a unicycle. Unless I’m msitaken alot more people a regular skaters than goofy skaters but right/left foot foward is fairly equal on unicycles?

I’ll start a poll.


Actually, I’ve never used a pogo stick. Never had one, nor did any of my friends.


Maybe it’s just me. I’ve noticed that almost everyone seems to try starting right foot on the pedal (the people I’ve let try my uni and my 1 uni friend I’ve seen.) I can free mount left foot on pedal 95% of the time, right foot on pedal only maybe 60%, and that’s in the last 2 weeks. Before that it was 10%. I can bunny hop about 99% of the time as long as my right foot is forward, it drops down to maybe 40% of the time if I use my left foot forward. But just like snowboarding and skateboarding, if I get enough practice I should become competent either way :slight_smile: