moving to colorado (maybe)

we might be moving to clorado near aspen


ok then

General discussion much?


Do you ski or ride?

[edit] Never mind, I just had a better look at your name. You’re going to like the west.

ya im a little into skiing not much though

Sweet. I have a cabin in colorado. sweet…n…m…

were not too sure yet maybe 10 percent
we decided it could work and that wed like to move there but we dont know if its gonna happen

Colorado is definitely the best state.
There is just no getting around it, we are the best.

Moving here would be a smart choice, especially moving near Aspen.

Aspen is radical.

Unisteez,into Ska? Reel Big Fish and Slightly Stoopid just played in Aspen, the same week. SICK.

I bet there’s good riding around there. (muni)

I’ve mountain biked at steamboat and it’s pretty nice.

awesome! I wish I would have known about the Reel Big Fish show, they always put on a fun show. :smiley:
I’ve never seen Slighty Stoopid before.
Ska is good stuff.

Where’s good for cycling (and skiing)? My friend is moving over there next year and I expect I’ll be over for an extended visit.

california has a lot of really good riders from every aspect of unicycling… pluss… its california.


I don’t know much about US geography but I’m pretty sure that’s not in colorado :smiley: