Movie: Rainy Day BC riding...

My worst riding, Put into a crap movie, with horrible music…Hope you enjoy!

Nice riding. Those backward 180’s off the curb were cool and you can hop SOO high.

i liked the part where you held the camera, its fun to see what riding a bc wheel is like, but after that last fall i would highly recomend a helmet.

I liked the movie. It was pretty cool. It makes me get pumped up and now I want to ride. Can’t wait till tomorrow.


Thanks, the hope off the curb was pretty easy, but it took me a little bit to get it because i dont currently have grip tape on my plates, and since my shoes were wet they kept sliding off the plates every time.

Heres a 1 second clip of my riding thru a puddle pretty fast.

Oooooh, Splashy!


That was really amazing!
How do you lift it off the ground, it’s not attached to your feet right? How do you get a hold of it to do that?

Very cool stuff. Thanks!

the bolts, you pinch your feet under them, i have really long bolts, i even have plans to make them longer. For the super high hops your feet seperate from the bottoms of the plates.

Thanks, I see now.

I am still thinking about how incredible that video was. (Maybe I’m not used to watching BC stuff, but it really blew my mind).

Your best video yet…

How many times have you heard this question? This seems to be asked every time a BC movie is posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

never been asked that, just if it hurts my damn ankles, which has never happened.

Were’s all this grinding I heard of?

Ok, ok, i hit my ankle really really bad yesterday, the bolt scraped across my ankle and it hurt alot, but its the first time its ever happened.

I promise you guys a video with grinds before christmas.

And I’m going to be in it too:D