Movie: A lil' Muni

I filmed this stuff 2 weeks ago, i never got around to filling up the song and adding credits, but it might be worth posting…

So here it is:

That was awsome! I really liked the 1 footed ww in the end…awsome way to end it!!!

your following has begun. lead him well.

Yes! Finally, BC muni!

YAY! Operation Ivy plus sweet ass bc muni!

that’s a straitjacket short of insane… but melikesit!

OMFG!!! :astonished:

Dude that was awsome period!

That dog has a death wish.

Nice riding, Evan!

Thanks, want to build me a wheel for free?:smiley:

Really amazing…BC muni and wheel walkin are two things I’ve been waiting to see. :slight_smile: Please keep the short movies coming.


Nice riding. Are sharp turns possible? It looked like you had a few tricky turns in your lines. Can anyone else do that ww?

Even my wife was impressed, and she’s rather a skeptic of this sport.

Re: Movie: A lil’ Muni

Amazing stuff. Now your next challenge is 2-footed ww.

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“erectile function trumps public image - David Stone, commenting on the importance of seat comfort”

On the Way to miraculous…


I’m impressed.
You’re slowly convincing me to get one.

If you can negotiate a reduction in my rent, sure! :wink:

Yeah, I invented it. I used to be able to do it when I rode my bc more and I told Evan about it. Evan can probably do it better than I used to though.

Spencers a filthy liar.

Ha, Evan doesn’t have a very good memory.

You may have done i first, but i have no recolection of you telling me bout it.

Pfft, you guys:stuck_out_tongue: