Movie: A bloody seat wrap

Really nice! Laughed alot :wink:

I really hate when this happends, had the problem first time when i had my old trainer, with non-round nuts, just hte ordinary ones, so the bolt sticks up… i had nasty scratches many of my fingertips… BOTH HANDS! THis was from catching the uni when i upd. I thought the problem was gone wen i got saddles woth round nuts…
But what happends? You over tighten your nuts, they dig into the platic, the top of the hat pops off, and not you have some real sharp edges!

i’ve found that duct-tape is the ultimate sollution though!

i thought you quit unicycling and you were only gonna do BC…

Meh, i do uni on occasion, i really like muni, its the uni i do most, i just ordered a bunch of crap for my muni…

blame spencer for my mass amout of blood loss, he told me to go try this trick.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Alcoholics Anonymous

i guess i’m insane then. :smiley:

That was funny. I always bleed like that, but never from my seat…

Ah, you’ll have a muni for Moab then after all? ha.


You made YourTubes!

That kind of reminded me of Bryan’s “Double Cranckflip and a bloody lip” video, except you cut
yourself twice.

thats pretty coool. i wonder how he found it?

I think he’ll be using his supped up disk break mountain BC if it works as planned

He is trying to show how “touph” he is? How “hard core” he is riding?

All i know is that was a waste of time watching that.

Maybe one day he will land a seat wrap.

That trick isn’t a seat wrap is it? According to the street uni wiki (and also from Defect) a seat wrap has the uni go all the way around your body (seat switches hands). I’m not sure what that trick is ‘offically’ called but I call it a leg around.