Movie: A bloody seat wrap

allways make sure your saddle bolts are well covered

What is the point of posting a movie where there is 95% of the time blood?

Put on a shirt… and quit stealin my music.

Is it another “Shirtless Evan” film ?

I don´t dare to look.
Makes me sick :wink:

That looked nasty Evan, quite a funny video though, especially as you didn’t learn after the first time. Yes fexnix, it is.

My mom allmost cryed with laughter watching it…psh.

holy crap
that was nasty
you should put a warning
for serious

Its just a little scratch.

pretty funnny how u did it twice

did our convo about seat wraps yesterday make you wanna go out and do them

even after you claimed doubles were simple and lame and after you dissed uniing?

i think someone’s bc wheel frenzy has caused soem unicycling withdrawl symptoms :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, but that was a LOT of blood.

ha ha why did you not do summit after the first time hmm?


Put a shirt on next time, Oh and a pair of gloves might be a good idea as well.

Whoa, a lot of blood. Was that your Scott Wallis handle and base?

no, i havnt got that yet.

i liked that movie…i thought it was bad after the first one…but after the second i just laffed.

Evan, I often disagree with your posts (and you :p), but that movie was really well put together. I approve.

he cuts his finger the first time, goes right back and does it again! :smiley:

I wanted to do the combo but I couldn’t land the mount at first and Evan told me it was easy so I told him to go out and film it to show me. I wasn’t expecting something like that but I thought it was funny.

i meant convo, as in conversation

i was talking to evan about double wraps (while standing on the horizontal cranks, which is way harder than the mount)
then he said that was easy
but apparently the double wrap mount is fairly hard for him (i can do that easier than a double wrap (non mount))

Oh, haha. I figured that was a typo so I “Fixed” it in my quote…now as I read your post it makes sense…never mind.

oh yeah, Evan says everything is easy even if he can’t do it.