Movie: A BC wheel Movie

yeah, i should wear a helmet, nad i try to, some times i get lazy and dont want to search teh house for it, but yeah, il try to use it more.

I got my fisheye lens also, im so happy,I can turn my dogs nose like 3ft long with it, heres a comparison shot of the lens …the top is with the lens, the bottom is without.

That was pretty cool evan,

I just watched your movie and went outside to try one and i landed it first try. I dont think its crazily-hard, its pretty easy.

Your gifted, its very hard for me, it maybe that you have a larger tire? i dunno, i think its hard.

awesome evan. really good man. i so want a bc especially after seeing that.i wanna try grinding on one once i learn how, too. ill probably get one forchristmas. hopefully.

wow, I’ve been using that same instrumental for my scratch sessions for like months now. I guess it’s time to change.


wait I had a thought.

Oh yeah, here’s what I’m surprised you don’t do: It’s called a sack-tap. I figure it’d be one of the first tricks you’d land on that 26" wheel :wink: