Movie: A BC wheel Movie

Well, I’v been learning some new tricks latly, and i desided to film a couple and pop them in this mini movie, its a pretty short movie, like 1:20 long, but its got some good stuff in it, tell me what you think of the Half & half, its a pretty crazily-hard trick to land.

Music Thanks goes to Catboy (Eric)

The BC is a Tryall 26" With a Odyssey hazard front hub, the plates are made by me, they are 4130 aircraft tubing.

Hope you like it…


I’ve just watched your video and i liked it. The variety of tricks is not that huge but those you do are quite impressive. And the editing is great to. I am already waiting for the “more to come”.


Thanks, In my next video i will be shooting down in more urban areas with obsticals and such, iv spoted some 3-4 stair cases i want to try and land some tricks down, also i ordered a fisheye lens for my camera, and a trials bc for some jumping.

Nice video!

I’ve also whatched the other one and i liked it too.

Perhaps you can try to grind.

nice movie evan… but i just watched you 3 pallet juump… and what was the noise when you were bcing on the concret?


yeah, il try grinding, iv done a little bit of it and its pretty easy, its not my thing though, i like tricks with obsticals, i suppose i could try some tricky grinding stuff…

Cool tricks… and great editing. I like the B&W / color mix, and the trick names popping up on the screen.

I can’t wait to see some urban BC! Not to give you sh*t or anything, but I can only stand so much “filmed in my driveway” footage… and I think your skills would really stand out in an urban setting.

I’m gonna stay tuned!

Although I’m extermely jealous of your BC skills, I would have to say your film editing impresses me more. Not that what you do with it is very technical, but you just seem to have an eye for cutting/splicing. Most people are just awful at that.

Nice movie. I liked the trick you called half-n-half, it looked especially good with the bigger than usual wheel. The music fit the riding well, kinda laid back beat… Thanks for sharing this video :slight_smile:

That was so awesome! You know, I love the way you ride a bc. I liked the names very much. The way they just pop up out of nowhere is awesome. Hope to see more stuff sometime soon!

Really nice riding and editing!

But don’t you think you should add some clips with high speeds and some nice turning? :slight_smile: I miss that! :slight_smile:

Nice riding and an enjoyable vid. You’re an animal! I cringed when you fell on the wheel and took the plate right in the ribs.

If I were you I’d be wearing this . :astonished: :smiley:

In 10 years are we going to see full halfpipe-type tricks on bc wheels? Or is it just too hard for anyone to get that good, like juggling 15 balls?

can you wait 2 weeks?

Yeah, no problem. Really?

Well, maybe not tricks, but i should be able to get down to the santa paula skate park and film my attempts at a bowl/quarter pipe.

Maybe it’s just cuz I’m a dad, but are you sure you don’t want this?

Yes im sure, i get leg burns the most, my leg was flowing blood 3 days ago, now i use ace wraps under jeans. in that video the plate actuly hit in the mid thigh, so it didnt hurt much.

well done! i can’t wait for the next movie.

niiice, you’re pretty dang awesome. that’s a big BC Wheel, is it 24"?
dude, for all those slams, you seriously need to wear a helmet. but nonhelmet wearers usually get mad at me when I advise it, so nevermind…

That was a great movie Evan. That is one kick-ass BC wheel. Awesome hops, that bail at the beggining of the flick, I hate when my hands get little pebbles in them like that. I noticed you had gloves on for the rest of the flick. \

Nice job, can’t wait till the next one. Maybe another 7 pallet hop?