Mounts Thread

the only thread i found for mounts were all years old, so i started a new one. please dont do a list of all the mounts you can do, nobody cares. just list maybe your favorites, or ask any questions regarding mounts.

i will start:
today i landed a kick up mount to wheelwalk, and now its my favorite mount
i need help with the pick up mount

My two favorites are the jump and rolling mount. Jump for anything smaller than a 29er, for anything bigger, I much prefer the rolling. These mounts seem to come naturally to most folks, including me. They just seem… easier.

I do have a question regarding the kick up mount though. I’ve been practicing in the grass on my 20", but I am just unable to get it kicked up far enough. Should I adjust the seat height until I’m more comfortable with it? Or should I just stick with what I’m doing (my current seat height is the same as it is when I’m riding normally)?

i have heard that lowering the set helps, but ive never tried it. you just need to kick much harder. catch the seat with you hand close to your crotch, then slide the seat into postion and get your other foot on the pedal. once you get to the ppoint where you can get the seat from the ground to under you, you are very close.

good thread.
i only know free mounting and jump mount. i feel like i should move on haha. whats one that i shoud learn next?

rolling mount, back mount(starting in front of uni), side mount, kick up are the basics

Milo, simply try and kick yourself in the nuts with your heel. Be warned, sometimes you will succeed.

Im like backroll mounts, they look pretty sweet.

I have a technical question on the rolling mount according to USA/IUF, our coach says you must (while rolling) jump onto the back pedal and wait until it passes 12 o’clock before placing your foot on what was the front pedal.

But, Connie Cotter passed me on USA Level 3 several years ago including the rolling mount by jumping onto the back pedal (while rolling) then quickly placing my other foot on the front pedal and riding off. This seems more reasonable to me.

Which is correct?

as long as the wheel never stops it’s a rolling mount.