Mounting my 'raffie

Hey, I was just wondering if you guys had any helpful hints for me freemounting my giraffe? Remember I’m only 4’ 7"! Thanx! :smiley:

get a stool, stand on it, hold the giraffe, get on…

that’s not freemounting. duh.

Hmm, for someone who’s 4’7" it might be harder. But try this anyway:
Make sure one pedal is down. Put your foot opposite of the lower pedal on the tire right beneath the frame (i.e. right pedal down, left foot on tire) so the wheel can’t move. Then, while holding the seat, put the foot that’s still on the ground on the lower pedal, then push up with that foot, take your other foot off the tire and put that foot on the other pedal. Oh, and then sit on the seat.

hope this helps, even for a midget.

for some one thats 4’ 7" thats like haveing the ginger bread man get on a elephant.

i tryed for the life of me and couldnt do it.

This video by Andrew Carter is very helpful:

High Resolution 640x480:

Low Resolution 320x240:

Several adults have managed to freemount nine foot giraffes. Therefore (NOT there for) it should be possible for you to mount a five or six foot giraffe, if you used the right technique.

if you have this book- look on pg 24 of “How To Ride Your Unicycle” by Charles Dauncey.

While were on the subject im seeling my 5ft giraffe;)


I’ve heard of plenty of people being able to mount nine foot giraffes and above.
Therefore, Tyler -> 5 foot giraffe == normal person -> nine foot giraffe.

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For a second it thought this thread was a very naughty thread about Rafi…

I’ve only mounted a giraffe once but I just ran at it and jumped up with all my might to get on the thing and started pedaling right away, the same with my first coker experience… But it might just be me.

I think i have a problem because I am afraid of heights and I have a 5ft giraffe. That means I only rode it like 25 times, and have never have had the courage to get back on it. Should I get riding my giraffe again? And If so how do you cure your fear of heights?

Pick up that Giraffe and ride liike the wind, the only way to get rid of your phobia is to face your fear, get really comfortable riding on easy terrain. But if you insist on not riding it ever, then give it to me as a late Christmas present!

i can’t seem to do it either… on my six foot

my friend has a five foot and after about a half hour trying to just do the normal type mount (don’t kill me for not knowing stuff) and finally doing it once, someone showed me how to do a rolling mount and i did it the first time :roll_eyes:

it just takes practice… and perhaps a different seat for me (i can never get a good grip on it, i want to throw a viscount up there)

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Lower the seat a bit while learning to freemount.


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After learningb to ride 25 years ago,I took a break for about 20 years and started again 3 years ago,I always wanted a Giraffe. Well guess what my got me for Christmas? Yep a Torker Giraffe. I had never even sat on one before today,Well I managed to ride it,using my truck to mount,I haven’t even tried to freemount yet,but I can’t seem to make a graceful dismount. Any suggestions?

Re: Mounting my 'raffie

This might help ZebraOnAUnicycle and any other person who is trying to learn to
ride a giraffe. If you have something that you can hold onto, you can just sit
up on your giraffe for a while. Once you feel comfortable being up that high,
just start pedalling. When i first did it, i wore gloves just in case i fell. I
didn’t fall though. You’ve just got to start pedalling. It’s not much harder
than an average sized unicycle. It only took me 2 days of sitting on it, and by
the 2nd day, I was riding around my neighborhood.

I still have a fear of heights, despite the fact I’ve more-or-less mastered riding and idling my DM 6 footer.

It’s not so much the fear of heights, but rather the fear of falling unexpectedly. Since the fall seems to be quite far when sitting up there for the first time (even though it’s only four feet or so) I used to get really nervous (sweaty fingers).

But since you can ride a regular unicycle you already have the ability to keep that wheel underneath you and thus keep you up in the air.

In the early days of my giraffe riding I only rode it for a couple of minutes at most and still got nervous. But then I rode it continuously one night for 10 to 15 minutes and now it doesn’t seem so bad.