Mounting magura's on a radial?

I have a 36" radial unicycle and would like to mount a brake on the frame. I have a HS33 Magura hydraulic brake just sitting in my garage that came off my trials bike and want to put some use to it. So my frame doesn’t have any brake mounts and i need a way to mount the brakes, does anyone sell something that would allow me to do that or know someone who has welded their own on? I am just trying to think of the best way to do this.

The Unicycle Bastards have a nice article about getting Magura mounts welded onto a steel frame and installing Magura brakes on a budget.

If you do the setup of the brake mounts yourself, get them into the right place, and clamp them on with hose clamps (and bits of wood if you need to), any welding place can weld the mounts on, it cost me £4 ($8) for mine to be put on. I had them TIG welded I think, not brazed, but it seems to work fine. Bike places charge a fortune for the same job because they have to do the setup.