Mountain Unicycling in San Luis Obispo, California

An awesome video put together by Tim De Frisco which highlights some of the beauty of Calfornia’s central coast. I’m in red and I believe that’s a Unicon 16 shirt my friend Mark is wearing as he highlights the more technical parts of the trail.

One of the best XC vids I’ve seen :D:D

Nice shots… and I envy the weather.

Looks like a fun trail with very professional filming and editing. Love all the muni videos lately, keep 'em coming!

Thanks for the comments! Yes, Tim’s a professional photographer just starting to dabble in video and he did a great job. The area was picked for the view and filmability and I hadn’t ridden it before. I’m not much of a technical rider as you can see in my absence from the rockier sections. The weather certain cooperated with us.